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Prints Available Again!

Behold Topotaco, who is now handling my print empire!

Woo! I can take the mail bag out of the truck now. Suddenly I have all this free time...

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This made me grin. Glad to hear you're delegating this stuff out so YOU don't wear out! Plus Topato has, like, Beartato and Dr. McNinja and it's great to see you all there.

Yay! More time for Ursula to do the creative stuff! Or garden! Or relax! The possibilities are endless!

Oh me, oh my! Your prints are so conveniently organized and available from a reputable dealer who also has Sheldon and other luminaries ... And me with a birthday coming soon...!

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Um, a slight comment?
Most of the prints are identifiable by matching the title with the animal involved, but in some of the groups, like the rodents, it would be nice to have the title somewhere in the close up so one was sure of ordering the correct print?

Yeah, I know. They're planning a major site overhaul this summer that should sort out some of those issues, hopefully...

Ah. Good to know!

May business boom!

now I have to figure out how to increase the interior surface area of my house to fit all of these... labyrinth, maybe? hmmm
my next RPG character is definitely going to be a tea mage.

I'm thinking I'm going to need a TARDIS...

Picture rails. And change them out seasonally.

Cool! Why Topatoco rather than Zazzle, where you already had a shop? Will you also have Topatoco handle t-shirts and other merchandise? (My prints languish in a folder. My t-shirts from the one round of "anything by Ursula on a t-shirt" that ellenmillion ran are well-worn and draw a lot more attention.)

I some of those shirts too, and had a brief sad when I went to topatco and there were no shirts. My Biting Pear is getting quite worn, and the sock puppet surprise is straight up dead. *sigh*

The Lurking Sock Puppet is one of the very few available in Ursula's Zazzle shop. No Biting Pear there, though.

Yay! And this time I can get one for me and one for the offspring who "borrowed" my first one to extinction.

Any chance of a Transcendent Pig print? ^^ I'd love a pic of Chao in my apartment!

Chiming in also to say that a print of the All Will Be Well bat would also be very welcome, if it's in a format that can do that.

May your shop be very prosperous!

Lovely! Not that I am lacking on Ursula prints, but always NEED MORE :) so exciting to see them available! And to second other comments, would love to be able to replace some of the Ursula t-shirts that I purchased through Ellen Million what feels like ages ago, I do wear them sparingly but do love them.

Adding another set of puppy-dog eyes for t-shirts--mine are starting to show their age such that I am loathe to wear them even though I love them so.

Thank you!

[Zombie Baby Delivery and Sock Puppet still the best. :)]

Ooh lovely! Now all I need is time and money - well the house needs redecorating!

Edited at 2016-06-01 10:31 pm (UTC)

No more con-going for you?

If you're not going to be at A-kon, there's a quarter of my reason for going shot in the foot. Then again, not having to pay a registration fee to buy your artwork . . . I suppose it all comes out in the wash.

(I still adore my Orc Nouveau II print. Thank you for existing.)

Congrats on the less labor-intensive store! Topatoco's done well by many of my favorite creators.

I know one is generally looking forward, not back when choosing subjects to put up in the print shop, but I have a wishlist request. In my dream universe you would put up the Digger ethics-in-a-nutshell page as a print. I have been printing out the comics page on 11x17 in every workplace I've been since it first came out, but the comics page just isn't high enough resolution to hold up to that print size.

Ooh, Topataco is excellent! I order 'Welcome To Night Vale' stuff from them.

You know how in their order screens they have a final space where they ask you if there's anything else? Comments, something they can do, that sort of thing? Well, I've so far asked for them to draw me a bearded dragon, a dinosaur and Godzilla, and they've done it; I have the drawings up on my 'fridge. :D

Edited at 2016-06-03 05:55 am (UTC)

not sure if this is on your end of things or theirs, but the Blackbeard Tampons print isn't listed in the pulldown menu.

Sweet. Buying a house this summer and I am hitting the wall decorating SO HARD. Thank you for making it easier.

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