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Archive Entry

Image found in a file folder in the historical society archives, under "Miscellaneous." Other items filed under "Miscellaneous" include numerous manuals for appliances, somebody's tax return (you know who you are), an extremely moldy grilled cheese sandwich and a birdhouse completely covered in duct tape.

The birdhouse was removed and filed more safely. The sandwich was thrown away.

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Craw: Past tense of Crow.

If still roosting, use a metal detector (at the end of a long pole) to check for nails in the perch.

Yes nails: clearly pining for the fjords.
No nails: likely undead, be prepared to double tap.

"It's a Norwegian blue…"

"Beautiful plumage, eh?"

Three craws, sitting on a wa'
sittin' on a wa
sittin' on a wa-a-a-a-a
three craws, sitting on a wa' on a cold and frosty mooorning

I wish I worked with the people who wrote the notes on that.
I think they understand each other.

These are nifty. Also weird. Also posters someday? (Maybe four-up, horizontal? >_> )

Apparently the annotators at the bottom right are not Get Smart fans.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought of that.

My name is The Craw!
The Craw?
No! Not The Craw. The Craw!
Oh yes...The Craw...

"Craw" is obviously one of the lawn crawfish.

Scots or North British dialect for crow would be my guess.

I once took over a theatre company whose "financials" folder in the archive box contained an envelope with $23 in cash, a gum wrapper (doublemint) and a dead moth (unidentified)

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