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Black Fox Coffee

Fooling around with Art Deco-ish kinda stylings...

Prints will be available at Anthrocon!

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Will this be in your online shop too?


Edited at 2016-06-08 02:49 am (UTC)

+1 please, though if you wait until after Anthrocon, we will totally understand.

My kitchen is full of Ursula food art; I want to add this one to it!

Stopping by to say Thank you! for Danny Dragonbreath

I have a grandson who was having a good deal of trouble with reading, enough that he was kept behind a year in school. Last year I gifted him with Dragonbreath #1, and when I got home the next day, unpacked, and checked in with his mom, she said he was 40 pages in already.

Since that went so well, I gave him #2, and he read that as well. This April I visited with him and his 6 year old cousin, and brought #4 (oops, I meant to have #3, but it wasn't in stock, so I ordered it). He asked me to read some of it as the Bed Time Read, and cousin loved it, too, so much that after he went to bed, she asked me to read more, read more. She will be getting #1 of her very own when it arrives. I will be doling out more Dragonbreath as they finish each one.

Thank you, very much, for writing such charming and fascinating characters, and helping my little guy get better at reading.

I can see that as a retro-style tin-type sign [aka a poster printed onto metal] hanging up in a kitchen in some trendy loft apartment...

I absolutely love it! However I am a decaf coffee (and tea) drinker. *sigh* The trials and tribulations of not turning into the Tasmanian Devil on a daily basis and having my co-workers plot my downfall with pitchforks and fire.

True Story: We used to have ice cream socials at work. Eventually, the department's Director actually forbade anyone from buying Espresso Ecstasy (a mocha-flavored ice cream made with dark chocolate and espresso) because of how badly it wound me up. We have similar senses of humor and he knew that having me work with all my thoughts unfiltered and out for public view was A Very Bad Thing Indeed.

This is possibly a silly question: I keep wondering what it would look like with the fox leaping out of the coffee cup, rather than into the cup.

The curl of the fox's tail in this position mimics the steam rising from the cup often found in actual period coffee posters. (An example)

I love this one!

I LOVE this! The color, the composition the silhouette of the fox!

why am I thanking you for not doing the Monkey Poo Coffiee?

(Deleted comment)
I was thinking more of the monkey over the coffee cup ... in silhoutte of course...

I could totally use this as a label for our few coffees.

That is a lovely poster. It also made me smile as I thought of Heather Dale's Black fox, though I do note that your little black fox does not have eyes of burning coal.

Ahh, so cool! So glad to see you posting art again :)

Is this one going to turn up on TopatoCo someday? Not asking for a friend. I love this image.

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