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Distracting Garden Journal

I can’t quite express how wild the oakleaf hydrangea is right now. It has these big loose cones of flowers, but the inside of the cones are clouds of stamens dripping pollen. Honeybees are swarming all over them, rolling around in it, covered in yellow. There’s a few flower beetles and so forth, but I think our neighbor’s entire hive of honeybees is here.

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I like the style of your hydrangeas better than mine.

The other day when I was out watering, one of the larger dragonflies used my chest as a landing site, and made for a very pretty broach.

Until I bought my house, I had to idea how many different types of hydrangea there are. I have a mophead, a lacecap, and an oakleaf. They're all so lovely and the bees adore them.

We have a row of bushes under the deck that we have been threatening to tear out for years, because they are boring, but this spring they have been absolutely covered in bees non-stop. So I guess they're staying :)

Enjoy the sun while it lasts!
That is a wonderful close-up of a honey bee lapping up the nectar.

Isn't an oakleaf hydrangea just lovely? I can't wait for my oakleaf to bloom. It's almost ready. The bees and hummingbirds have been adoring my yard this year. I tried to start some milkweed from seed for butterflies, but it just didn't sprout. Maybe next year.

BEE ORGY. Well, minus the sex. So it's a Bee Pollen Orgy, I guess.

Wish you could see the woods around a place where I used to go as a kid; it's called Falling Waters State Park and it's in NW Florida; those woods are full of oakleaf hydrangea growing wild everywhere; you expect unicorns to come trotting out of the bushes (which would be bad for the unicorns, because the place is so full of sinkholes that you have to walk on an elevated wooden walkway or quite possibly vanish forever into the depths of the earth.)

I'm sure your neighbor is very appreciative of your hydrangea. :) Better be, at least. If the neighbor isn't, at least the bees are. :)

Hi! I have a question about your digital journal. Do you get these pages all printed up in a Blurb or Shutterfly book at some point? Or just online? Thanks!

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