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Bride of Son of Bride of Fake Book Cover: Round #7

I have all these photos of a wicker maze built locally, and it's a really striking construction and there is virtually no way that it doesn't end in serial killers, so I wanted to fiddle with book cover design using the photos. I have not written this book and have no immediate plans to.

I dunno about the middle font. It may be too lighthearted. You know when people build giant mazes out of wicker that somebody's gonna die.


Thoughts welcome! I'm not sure about this one, though it does read pretty well at teeny size, if you ask me.

I like the font. very wickery.

this may be my favorite in the book cover series.

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...Can we see some of the other pictures of the wicker maze? I've never heard of a wicker maze before, I'm curious.

I like the font too.

I like the middle font. Not sure about the font at the bottom. I like the texture, but the font itself looks really happy and excited to me.

Based solely on this cover, my first thought is actually "Fairies! wicker fairies!!" Could still be serial killer wicker fairies, though.

Yup. I thought: YA, which is tending in the same direction. And I'd totally read a YA about wicker fairies.

Also, that maybe three fonts on one cover is too many? Though I do see that each of them is doing a different thing.

I like the middle font, it's perfectly in tune with the picture of the Maze.

I like the middle font - fits well with the wicker-ness. My main issue is with the author name; the font there is fine, but something about the brightness or size or placement makes it feel kinda distracting, like the cover is unbalanced.

Woah this photo and your treatment of it is incredibly striking.

I think the font treatment for The Wicker Maze is fine (a few similar fonts could also be tried to see if they just click better) but generally I'd say it actually works quite well visually. If I have a sticking point when it comes to font choice, it'd be for the Author name. If nothing else I might consider changing the color from a less cheerful yellow to a more neutral tone (the same as from the top quote..or swap the colors of the two).

Otherwise, I wanted to really add, I have been loving these test covers you have been working on. Any and all of these books, I would read just based on my shallow propensity towards "judging a book by it's cover". (Everyone does it and those that say they don't are liars.)

Is there a dripping blood font?

Yes, but I am told that you don't put it on covers or it looks like the book needs a tampon really bad.

I really like the middle font, but I'd put the author name in the same font as well.

-- A <3

I did google but came up dry: there's a wicker maze locally? Like, still? And where?

- Tracey from Durham.

NC Botanical Garden. They don't call it a maze. I mean, it's small, you can't get lost in it or anything, but it's a series of weird twisty corridors made of wicker. It creeps me out a bit.

I like the middle font, but I agree the author name is kind of distracting-- font is fine, but the size or color or something is drawing the eye too much. And I think the quote font at the top should also be less bold/more spidery.

Maybe switch the positions of author name and the quote? The bolder font for author name wouldn't be as distracting up top.

The title is delideliciously intriguing. The Author name though looks like it has been scrunched up into the corner. The difference in size to the forename and surname also does not look well.

Not dripping blood, but perhaps if the middle font were red?

The maze and the middle font are all curves and bendy. The author name is blocky. It makes it stand out but it's really jarring to me.

There's a wicker maze in the park near where my mom lives. I have had similar serial killer thoughts. As well as 'epic LARP site' thoughts