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6-10-16 Journal

Yes, the rabbit is evil. (Jeez, people, I took art classes, I know what an evil doll looks like!) Evil can be dealt with as long as you work in a well ventilated area and lock it up while you sleep. And you should have seen the horrifying noseless clown!

If anybody has any thoughts on painting porcelain dolls--I don't want to fire it and do all that china painting, I mostly work in acrylics, and it needs a base coat anyway because a small child took a marker to the sides. Clear gesso doesn't seem to work all that well, gonna try some of that all-surface satin craft paint recommended for ceramics. I'd test it now, but my only bottle is Inchworm Green.

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The dress could be OK (if its in decent shape), once it has non-evil eyes. I think. Maybe.

I agree, I think it's the eyes that do it on this one.

You ah... are truly brave for bringing that in your home.

Would an Inchworm Green bunny be more or less evil that it is in its current state?

Green eyes with a brown cat-style pupil might be ... interesting on that, especially if it seemed to be focusing on you.

That rabbit looks like it belongs in a creepier version of Alice in Wonderland.

Have you seen the (i think Czech) Stop-Motion version of Alice? So very very creepy.


That was sort of what I was thinking of yes!

FolkArt makes a "glass and tile medium" that you can prime with and then paint with regular acrylics. It's aimed at folks who paint wine glasses and such, so can be found in typical craft stores more easily than in art supply stores.

(Deleted comment)
"Nope" is not only a Season...


It is a spice.

If seasonal reference is required:

Nope nope nope nope nope.
When hell freezes over, dude.
Nope nope nope nope nope.

The Pebeo Porcelaine150 products only require a 35 minute bake in a 300 degree home oven. I have used the pen versions to decorate plain white glazed dishware. Michael's doesn't carry this line anymore, but I have bought it from Fire Mountain Gems. They may only have the bottled paint though; don't think they carry the pens.

You know about the LJ community thrifthorror, don't you? That was one of the first ones I joined when I came to LJ, although I've never really had anything to post there.

(It's also a damn shame there's been no activity there since 2015; I'm tempted to put up some of my own stuff—I have a lot of horrors of my own—just so it's not a completely inactive community.)

I don't think paint can make the bunny any less creepy, so I think you should go for full on zombie bunny

That is definitely a relation of our vampire rabbit (one of Newcastle's major tourist attractions).

I think Inchworm Green Angry Bunny could be rather appealing. :)

Isn't that a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher?


Um, I mean...

"Weird shady flea market in the building that sells doll dresses and bail bonds." Now there's a story seed for you. Or someone.

My crafty spouse Monster Alice recommends covering it with white glue, letting that dry, then trying gesso.

I recommend putting it in a binding circle and killing it with fire.

Thank you for not including a pic of the clown.

Edited at 2016-06-10 04:17 pm (UTC)

It's "Buddy Buddha," kind of like "Buddy Christ" from Dogma. My immediate thought upon seeing the figure was "Digger needs to meet this guy!"

Tried to post a link and it got eaten, so I'll just say this:

Try searching Jaxxon "Star Wars". I had the comic with his first appearance when I was a kid. Yes, I'm old, shut up. :)

What that bunneh needs is


My experience with painting over marker on walls is that it's best to remove the marker first. Magic eraser might work (it does on walls), but if it's sharpie, Purell works best, even better than plain rubbing alcohol.

Actually, you can tell by the ears that it's plotting something - and the tilt of the head. I think that might still be evil if it was wearing dark glasses. .

Edited at 2016-06-14 06:20 pm (UTC)

As a bunny owner, I find that truly terrifying.

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