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On a lighter note...

My little peat pots of seed starts, out on the deck, kept getting knocked over. I cursed the squirrels silently, and righted them.

Today, hearing a small peaty "Thud!" I rushed out, and discovered--one of those jaunty-butted Carolina wrens, blithely knocking crap over right and left. It flipped its tail at me and fluttered off.

So, I would like to issue a public apology to the squirrels. Only for this, mind you--you little fuzzy buggers are STILL guilty of eating my bird feeder and carrying off the other bird feeder and dismantling the OTHER bird feeder and ripping holes in the other OTHER bird feeder, but you weren't the ones knocking over my seedlings. So I'm sorry that I thought dark and vile thoughts about you for that.

All the other dark and vile thoughts, however, were richly deserved, especially the one with the cuttlefish and the flamethrower, and I regret nothing.

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Keep in mind that down Dixie way, squirrels make good eats ;-)

Wonder if I could sell a squirrel fishing rig using bird feeders as bait? Hmmmms....

Not so hungry anymore Zzyzxian

Metaquoted :)

See, the squirrels here on campus are less annoyance and more amusement for the poor college students. Especially the elusive albino one who lurks somewhere around the Bell Museum of Natural History.

A friend of mine works at Wild Birds Unlimited and they sell squirrel proof feeders. Notably, this one:


If you really want to have fun, you turn it off now and then, so that the new squirrels don't know what they're in for...

Got here from metaquotes -

I actually had a pet squirrel when I was in high school. I loved him dearly, even after he went back to the wild, but that doesn't make me any happier that the local squirrels broke the birdfeeder stand. :(

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A good stance, a bit of a lean, and a strong push.

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