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One of Those Days

I very rarely check my Amazon reviews--better for my mental health if I don't!--but I had to check a thing on The Raven & The Reindeer, and noticed that there was a one-star review on it. And curiosity...well, y'know.

Predictably, they were very angry about lesbians.

(Actually, they accused me of writing fairy-tale slash fic, were wrong about one minor plot point, and accused Mousebones the raven of gender confusion. Then there was a Think of the Children and a desire for Amazon to issue refunds, the word hack thrown about, etc.)

Well, I expected that to happen eventually. What I didn't expect were the remarkably kind things I've heard about it from so many readers, many of which made me stomp around the house grumbling and making tea, which is what I do whenever I think I might cry a little otherwise. And the stark relief of this one little nasty bit made me realize how incredibly generous people have been about this book, and how grateful I am to have been able to write it for my readers...and then I stomped around the house grumbling and making tea.

And about ten minutes after I noticed this review, Tor.com published a really spectacularly glowing review of it, which I hadn't known was coming.

So, y'know. One of those days. But thank you all for being such damn fine people. I'll write books for you guys until I keel over.

Have a toad.

What you share with us is amazing. Thank you for it!

And as for mr/ms One Star . . . they've missed the point, and aren't worth a slug's fart. so there.

NOTHING is loved universally.
I'd say the Tor review adds much more weight to the plus side of the scales.

A story with lesbians is EXACTLY what I was wanting to read today, and by happy chance, I don't have this one yet! *runs off to remedy*

This was EXACTLY my response. I somehow missed Raven and Reindeer coming out and was hoping for the next Kingfisher book soon, and joy of joys there are lesbians! brb buying and reading right now.

You are awesome, and I hope you keep writing things like Raven & Reindeer...can't wait to meet you at Arisia!!!

One bad review and so many good ones.

The toad is lovely!

Never Enough Lesbians

Or talking corvids, honestly. It's rapidly becoming a comfort book.

What they said above...but really all I can think of now is "Have a toad and a smile..."

(Toads at least don't have corn syrup.)

Oh, a toad! How lovely; thank you!

How exhausting it must be, to live in a mind so small that the unexpected existence of an imaginary gay person is a source of trauma.

As it happens, your writing is exactly what I like to turn to when I am feeling worn down by all the mean people in the world. I think that I am about due for a re-reading of The Raven & The Reindeer.

May that review writer spill hot tea on their privates.

Meanwhile, I've bought the book, because I absolutely love the things you do, both art and writing. Your writing, especially, often makes me giddy, because it always seems to be just what I want when I want it.

They are also silly: Amazon is perfectly happy to accept returned ebooks. I have enough returns in my history to know. Heck, I've even seen the series acquire returns in suspiciously sequential order. >_>

Feh upon them. It was a lovely story.

if one wants to only read one book, then leave the rest of them alone...

I loved the book and the raven. And thank you for the toad. Toads deserve love as well.

There is one salient point that I have to agree with. Amazon lumps all of your fiction together, rather than keeping T. Kingfisher separate from Ursula Vernon. So someone careless could buy the book thinking it was as safe as Danny Dragonbreath. That's a problem for Amazon to fix. Or perhaps Craw-Bob--how's they taking the heat?

Wait, what? Where's this? We've got two separate author pages and I'm not seeing overlap...

Thank you so much for the toad.

Thank you very much also for The Raven and the Reindeer. Phooey to the negative reviewer.