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Journal 6-19-16

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May the muse return soon!

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy yourself.

At least the hamsters are under control.

Interesting picture, it looks like the beginning of a story.

Nature is wonderful and that is a beautiful hawk (having Googled it). I love dragonflies, though it's been far too wet to see any round here. When the drops are almost as big as the dragonflies, the dragonflies stay home.

A red-shouldered hawk decided to have a rabbit for breakfast in our back yard. Our local murder decided to obtain the rabbit for their own breakfast, and ran the hawk off. The ex-bunny was heavy enough none of them could carry it away, so before I went to work that morning I had to fling the carcass over our back fence into the neighborhood common ground (I figured someone would find it, bird or fox or whomever, no point in it going to waste) because my autistic son is quite fond of watching the rabbits (while alive) wander around our back yard. Fascinating, but a bit gruesome. Anyway, the hawk was smart enough to figure out what I'd done with its meal, and dragged it into the bushes to finish it off later that day.

Edited at 2016-06-20 02:08 am (UTC)

its when the humming birds are playing chicken in the spray is when it gets exciting.

Isn't it kind of early in the year to be the Month of Harvest?

That is exactly what I was going to post! I mean, jebus, I just got my garden planted two weeks ago and there are people with enough expectations of harvesting already that they named a month after it?!

Rye and winter wheat are harvested around this time, or even earlier.

Oh, I hadn't considered winter crops. Thanks, Neowolf!

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