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Apparitions! He was so tired of all these damnable apparitions!

Inspired by the work of Gorey & Don Kenn, trying to figure out if I could get that pen-and-ink effect with my iPad…

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Well, I think it cmae out looking very Gorey-like. Good job. What was the app for the iPaad you used?

It's called "Procreate" which is the worst name for a drawing app in the history of the world, but there you are...

I thought it was hand drawn with real ink!

I do love the expression on the critter's face - so not impressed! (It wouldn't be called Marla by any chance?)

Edited at 2016-06-21 12:22 am (UTC)

What kind of (extremely unimpressed) critter is that? I am not good with aminals. @_@

I loved the stuff that Don posted. I miss seeing it.
Gorey was just so… OTHER. I can probably still reel A is an Author off the top of my head.

Don's characters always seemed very rooted. Gorey's liked to float. I think you've got a nice place in between.

My first thought on your apparition was 'Knight Templar'. idk why.

Amazing job tho.

The hands on hips response just kills me - too funny. Good lines and gorgeous crosshatching around the edges.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know how this works. You utter something oblique and ominous and gnomic, and then you just vanish abruptly, and then whatever you uttered just niggles away at me until I figure out what it all meant and go wherever and do whatever, and I just have no patience for all this nonsense anymore. Why can't you go and bother that beaver that lives on the other side of the lake? The one that keeps going on about destiny and tea leaves and astrology and all that rot...
...And you're just going to hover there while I rant, aren't you? Fine, get on with it already.


I think you got the effect you were aiming for..

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