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Journal 6-22-16

Turns out the sort of regrettable people who scream about how white genocide is ongoing are also super sensitive about their kerning skills. Who knew?

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Please spell it "keming". You know you want to.

Where is doodle chicken? Did she get too weirded out by the world today and have to go have a lie-down?

You can tell when I'm distracted by the fact I forget my chicken!

It's hiding behind the Gorey Bee

Gorey Bee... hmm...

"Gorey Bee to the Queen and the Drones and the Holy Hive..."

I am delighted by the scratchboard-style bee. So cute!

Not reacting to the politics by hiding my head under a pillow and pretending it'll all go away is tricky.

Coneflowers! I need more.

They can be found in Remulac, a small town in ... France.

The bee is very cute!

I guess for some people, image is everything. Now I want to see a before and after graphic of the icon. Did it get better or worse?

First one the word "genocide" was unreadable, second one was just ripoff of The North Face logo with "The White Race".

Like my old "Hug The rapist" T-shirt?

*long slow clap* Bra - VO! And again I say BRA - VO!

You are most likely the only person on the planet to be able to pull that off! Please, PLEASE keep living a life where you can shame the idiots.

Today, you win ALL the points!

I'm picturing a certain chicken with her wings crossed in front of her, a tiny plume of steam above her her head, silently expressing her ire at the white supremacist site. Perhaps her right foot is tapping in that universally understood gesture of disdain.

I have to try coneflowers in the garden. That looks lovely, and the purple pops on an overcast day.

The coneflowers are gorgeous and make me want to grow some!

What tattoo did Kevin get?

Those are lovely flowers and the black and white bee is a delight too.

I've never seen anything saying what sex they are by their call but I haven't looked far. I have, however. heard one here at our house, and it is apparently using the roof over our garage as a spotting post.

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