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Journal 6-26-16

Most of my recent macro photos are over at Twitter, but here's a couple!

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how many lichen on your species list?
I can't tell mosses apart,
but I just started noticing lichen,
and, man, are there some weird ones.

Sadly, I've been finding dead bees on the stairs of my building when I come home; humans are never going to learn until it's too late.

Is the chicken professing love or hunger? :)

I got my very first harvest out of my very first community garden plot, and it was THRILLING. 4 baby beets and 4 purple teepee beans. :P (And pulled about 2 pounds of dandelions for dyeing, which was just a bonus. Yes, my weeds are a harvest of their own.)

Those are lovely bee pics, our garden is yet to fruit, though we have had plenty of flowers so weather permitting we should get a good crop.

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