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(no subject)

I have a bizarre urge to do something with the caption "I'm not sayin' it wasn't your brother-in-law, Bob, I'm jes sayin' he had a whole lotta legs on 'im!"

I have no idea what image could possibly justify such a caption, mind you, but the phrase is rattling in my head like gravel in the washing machine.

I would like to attribute this to all those drugs in my youth, but without a control me to test against, I can't prove that I wouldn't have been weird anyway.

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Snork! Baw haw hawww! I like your brain.

Funny, when I read that line, I had the image of a wombat in a peterbilt hat and overalls, with a shotgun slung over his shoulder standing as a background to a washing machine sitting on top of a bunch of legs sticking out from under it with a sad-looking porcupine looking at the 'corpse' underneath.

Now, this makes me wonder. Is your mind warped and just evocative enough to warp others, or is my mind just a scarier place?

I'm picturing a dolphin detective speaking to a nervous-looking sea otter, while behind them is a window into a hospital ward for those crabs that're harvested by dragging them out of the sea, snapping a leg off, and tossing 'em back.

An image?! Are you kidding? Given the current creative drought in Hollywood, you should hold out for a whole film deal. You've got half the trailer right there. :D

Hell, get me Adam Sandler, and that's the whole plot right there!

(Deleted comment)
Exactly! Which is why we don't need any more of the plot to make a Hollywood movie!

Centipedes. That is all.

*cough*Conspiracy of Mammals*cough*

Dude! What is that!?
And where can I get one to scare the bejeebees out of my roommates with?

I saw it here:


Apparently it's a "house centipede".

I like invertebrates, but... I'm not sure I'd be happy to find one of those in my house! Though if it eats roaches, I'd probably let it stay. :D

If it eats roaches, you probably already have several. They just stay hidden in the darkness when they move.

AAAGGHHH! House centipede! GAAAHHHH!

Of all my least favorite bugs...*twitch*

And today we made Ursula 'GAH'!

Still less horrific than the giant undersea potato bug/pillbug/roly-poly/artist formerly known as insectoid.

Wilbur Whately's brother?

Actually, the house centipede (or as we call 'em round here, "silverfish", though I know that's a misdirected name of ANOTHER species) was exactly what I was gonna suggest. I HATE the buggers. I've had two close encounters already this week, too--one came scuttling out from under a friend in my Java class, causing her to shriek and leap onto the chair all housewifey, and rather than soil my good shoes I simply dropped the whole Java textbook onto it (which has to be one of the most useful applications it's had all year). Then, the other day, I went to grab an old glass I'd left on the desk to get some soda and found, squat in the middle and curled up, brooding, was ANOTHER one. This time, the teakettle did the trick. I was considering drowning him out, given the circumstance, but I've played BG&E where I fought a GINORMOUS one of 'em over water, and figured I was better safe than sorry.

So, yes, I can totally envision..I don't know, a home invasion scene?...right after two hapless insects have come home (Bob, I'm thinking, is a pillbug, and the other guy's a standard beetle of some kind) and, in the dark, fought off their burglar with The Shoe (every burrow should have one!) only to find that it may have indeed been Bob's brother-in-law, coming over to borrow some videos. But that's just me!

I highly doubt Ursula can be controlled. At least not without the funky hat with antennae giving the secret codes from the underground lair directly into her brain.

Yeah, and she'd be bound to think of the tinfoil hat eventually...

(Deleted comment)

Um... hate to disapoint, but I think that's the captin to a Far Side (Gary Lawson) cartoon. I'll have a look through my collection and see if I can find it.

By all means--let me know if you find it!

Okay people... any chance we can STOP with the bug pics? I have to sleep tonight thank you very much!

And... it does sound Farside-y. Sorry, Urs.

Ooh... talking of Farside, has anyone else seen a book called The Little Book of Bunny Suicides? Oh man... *grin*

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