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Pokemon Go has come out

...I'll see you once I've caught them all.

(No, but seriously, I've walked more today than I normally do except at a con or birding. And I've caught a bunch, too!)

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From what we can tell, they've imported a bunch of sites from Ingress, which is a pretty cool collaboration. My son and his girlfriend (age 15 and 16) spent the afternoon collecting Pokemon in the neighborhood park, but they drew the line at knocking on people's doors to get the Pokemon inside their houses. I bet there will be bolder kids out there, though, doing just that.

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Absolutely. We're having amusing conversations these days. As we drove home this afternoon, after he'd collected five pokemon that had appeared on the dashboard of my car, my son asked, "Can we stop by the Buddhist... church?... to get more poke-balls?"

My fiance tells me that yesterday afternoon, two kids knocked on our door and asked politely if they could go into our backyard to catch a pokemon that was there.

So, kids are learning manners as well as getting exercise? This game is sounding better and better.

That's cute. Backyards are super-deep in parts of my neighborhood, and some pokemon are spawning in backyards that we can't get close enough to on the street. It's tempting enough that I briefly considered asking to go into a backyard. XD I'll get another chance, I'm sure.

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