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Journal 7-10-16

Team Valor!

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I'm not a Pokemon player myself, but I'm curious, why did you pick Team Red/Valor?

Red's a better color for me than any of the others. *grin*

Welcome home and congrats on surviving! I hope that Pokemon Go is sufficiently distracting/engaging to help you unwind and recharge.

Do you have exhaustion-induced dyslexia?

Kevin looks like he had great plans for that bullhorn!

Kevin looks so impish in that photo.

Congrats on surviving and happy!

So what's your pokedex like?



Your husband looks gleefully mischievous.

Kevin looks like he is plotting!

Sounds like your beagle is like our PeiPei old and holding, possibly because Death has been subjected to one of her hard stares.

Go Team I'm still level 4!

Seriously, it was really nice to see you at AC!

I am SO CLOSE to level 5, and if the servers stay up here for more than a minute at a time I may actually get there. :P

I want to find and catch an Oddish just because you're so enthusiastic about them, they must be good!

(Deleted comment)
Hot and sticky tiger swallowtail butterflies just sound messy. Like their stripes would melt and slide off.

I'm glad it was a good con for you. I sent the tea. :)

I never got into pokemon, but hearing everyone talk about pokemon go is making it very tempting. Alas I do not have a smartphone. Hearing all the stories makes me happy, though.

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