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Journal 7-12-16

My coffeeshop is a Pokestop and they announced a thing--spend $5 there and they'll drop a lure so you can catch Pokemon while you drink your coffee. I go there to write anyway, so I sat there for like four hours, scooping up Pokemon as people came in.

And then I saw the outline of a Snorlax, and leapt out, shouted "DUCKY, WATCH MY LAPTOP!" to the barista, and sprinted out the door. (His name is Ducky.) Snore-Bob would be mine!

It is important to have a working environment where people understand you.

Fitting that Pokémon Go launched during the month of Harvest. Coincidence ...?

For What it is worth it appears that water type pokemon come out in the rain, so you may want to keep your phone handy.

...so, check EPA superfund sites for poison types???

Go team mystic?

I did manage to grab a Duoduo near my workplace after I clocked out. It was neat.

team mystic!

over here it's All The Pidges

Flawless Snorlax Victory

"Ducky Watch My Laptop!" is the new "Here, Hold My Beer!"

Pokemon Go has done wonders for my depression. I've gotten more exercise in the last two days than I have all summer. Tonight boyfriend and I went to the park and caught Pokemon with a ton of other people. It was fun. :)

I've heard similar things from other people. I'm glad to hear it's helping. It's certainly got me walking a lot more.

Twice a week I cycle to my coffeeshop. The barista sees me glide past the door, on the way to lock my bike up. By the time I get back to the coffeeshop, there's an extra-large Americano waiting for me with five shots in it. It's important to have a working environment where people understand you.

That's a thing of joy and beauty. <3

Fearless PokeHunter! And a nice tip to Ducky too..

Which book is this one that you'd try to finish if you were dying? Have you mentioned it before?

Ducky? As in Mr. Ducky?

Ursula, do you go to the same coffee shop the ladies at the Clockwork Cabaret run/work at?

I am not surprised, but I am jealous.

Now I really wish I had been able to find a job in the Raleigh/Durham area when I was looking. Ask the cool people seem to live there.

Yep, that's the place!


Why did the gym at the courthouse need to be reinforced by a coffee shop?

As I understand it, if somebody takes control of a gym, somebody else can take it back. Since the people of the coffee shop apparently were all on the same team, they could reinforce the hold that Ursula had on the gym.

I'm working from third-hand information, though, so I have no real idea if I'm right. (It sounds like a neat game, but I can't really see buying a smart phone just for a neat game.)

I've had several "potent potables" that could qualify as war crimes myself I loathe syrupy-sweet drinks to be honest. Then again, I've suffered through the misuse of decent wines, too.

Good luck in your Pokémon hunt and may you avoid any miscreants that prey upon Pokémon hunters. As I Will, So Mote It Be.

Saint Bloodsong of Beloved Pets would like to say...

That it's all your fault, Pastor Drom, that I now must carve extra special wooden boxes for the influx of beloved creatures coming in.

(am also now playing Pokemon Go; first, last, and only Pokemon game I've ever played, will not be battling because that would be cruel)

I have seen there is one big difference since the game began. Before people walked with their heads down. eyes glued to their smartphones, or stood at bus stops not speaking but on the smartphone facebooking but not communicating with those around them.

Post game release people are still walking, eyes glued to phones but they are now talking, conversing chatting with complete strangers. You might not catch them all, but you may make a lot of friends on the way. The game has totally reversed the modern trend of ignoring those close by

Good luck on your hunt! even if it does eat into writing time.

I have the sads because so far I have not been able to play. The game won't locate me, even with all location services on. Deleted and reloaded. Nothing. So sad.

I've met Frumpy. I can't say you two have much in common.

I for one, am glad you are not "cool, wild, and bohemian" in the slightest. There are far to many people trying way to hard to be that already, and not a single one I've met is nearly as exciting as they pretend to be.

You (and I've met you, you have been assessed and experienced) are awesome, fun, clever, sensible, and interesting. I think you have single-handedly set the bar for the most wonderful and fantastic author I've met so far. Certainly the most gracious one I've encountered.

If nothing else, I kind of wish I were more like you, with your garden, hobbies, chill, and more than your fair share of adorable. But if I were more like you, then who would be me? I don't exactly know of anyone else with quite the right qualities for that job.

Ps. Congratulations on your Snorlax! Snore-Bob is quite adorable.