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In Which I Make Jewelry For A Week

Actually, what happened was that I stumbled into a bead sale while trying to get supplies to fix a necklace of mine that broke, and possibly went a little overboard, because SATURATED COLORS and TEXTURES and...um....yeah. So then I had to DO something with the beads, and I was like "gotta make my own pendants, world does not need more necklaces with pendants from Michaels, and then...um...yeah.

Chicken petroglyphs. It...err...sort of just happened.


I have never sold on etsy before and I don't know anything about it (though I'd quite like to add downloadable coloring pages at some point) so thoughts are earnestly appreciated! I also do not know how to take photos of stuff, so I just slung them over things in my studio and took them outside, which is why the saber-tooth tiger skull is modeling a bunch of pendants.

If they've sold by the time you get there, I'll have like ten more up soon, I just wanted to start somewhere.

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Wombat jewellery-making

Would you consider making hedgehogs in this style?

I'd love a chicken pendant. And I want 3 more as gifts. Just sayin'.

I would purchase wombat and peacock pendants. Or dragon. Or hamster. Super amazing work!

Wombat wombat wombat! But also dragons :-)

Sold before I got there!

If you would like any assistance with Etsy, let me know, or have Kevin hit me up on FB. Although given that you are you, and your stuff is wildly popular, you can probably just pitch all the SEO/tags/description guidelines out the window. It's all going to sell in an eye blink even if you fill the page with Lorem Ipsum.

Those are SO cute! And I would LOVE Ursula Vernon coloring pages. I don't suppose the Packrat one is on that list.....?

clearly you need to double the prices for the next batch

Wombat jewellery-making, again

Now I've read the bullet points that went with the chicken pendants (on Twitter), maybe a hedgehog would not be appropriate as a defence: bear? sabre-toothed tiger?

I desperately wish for one of these. Will purchase on sight. *waits for more*

THEY are all gone and i would SO want one of your wombats!!!

and they are cute and I loved them

Jewelry display thoughts

Draping them over a skull should be fine. Skulls are your kind of thing anyway. Holding them in front of bushes is also fine. Yarn Harlot often displays her finished objects in the garden (in the snow, in a pinch); it makes a pretty background.

Beautiful pieces! They were all sold when I got there though. I would love a turtle one, because I love turtles. haha! I favourited your shop so I can keep watch. Keep up the great work!

LOL all gone by the time I got there too look too :)

Pictures look good, lighting is very diffuse so colours look vibrant - the one hanging in the tree has some shadow over it that you might want to look out for next time.

Perhaps one shot next to an identifable object like a pen or something so that people can see roughly how big they are.

Don't use coins as a reference cos not everyone knows what sizes your coins are but BIC pens or variation thereof are international :)

Dont be afraid to go closer with your images, its about the doodad, not the environment its in.

I would be keen on colouring pages - I bought a years subscription from one lady on Kickstarter where she puts the patten on line once a week and wallah! new colouring every week :) Maybe a Patreon instead?

Sadly they were all gone before I even got there. :(
They were beautiful! I giggled my way through the descriptions. I think you are onto something here. Will you be doing more than chickens and birds? Because I think wombats and other animals would be lovely!

I really want one. Please make more! <3

"Do not store in an extremely humid environment, as this may make the sealer tacky. Should this happen, place it somewhere dry and let it cool off for a bit, and it should go back to normal."

Translation: Do not buy if you live in Florida.

The coloring pages would be neat, though. And I bet I'm not the only one who'd like to see photos of your finished beaded necklaces, even if they're not for sale.

All gone by the time I saw this, of course. You have amazing talent, m'dear! Keep your shop stocked, a little at a time, and hopefully you'll keep selling those adorable pendants like hotcakes!

Favorited you, of course. ;-)

EDIT: Oh my grapes the descriptions are hilarious!

Edited at 2016-07-18 08:05 pm (UTC)

If you ever do artist trading cards, those would make good pendants as well.

I do believe Saint Bloodsong of the Beloved Pets needs an octopus pendant. That was a very special octopus. Or a wombat. Or a wading bird. Or a hamster. Or a dragon. Or an iguana. Or a crane. Or a...

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