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In Which I Make Jewelry For A Week

Actually, what happened was that I stumbled into a bead sale while trying to get supplies to fix a necklace of mine that broke, and possibly went a little overboard, because SATURATED COLORS and TEXTURES and...um....yeah. So then I had to DO something with the beads, and I was like "gotta make my own pendants, world does not need more necklaces with pendants from Michaels, and then...um...yeah.

Chicken petroglyphs. It...err...sort of just happened.


I have never sold on etsy before and I don't know anything about it (though I'd quite like to add downloadable coloring pages at some point) so thoughts are earnestly appreciated! I also do not know how to take photos of stuff, so I just slung them over things in my studio and took them outside, which is why the saber-tooth tiger skull is modeling a bunch of pendants.

If they've sold by the time you get there, I'll have like ten more up soon, I just wanted to start somewhere.

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I desperately wish for one of these. Will purchase on sight. *waits for more*

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