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New Pendants on Etsy!

Seven new pendants! On Etsy now!

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I got the goose pendant! I will probably have to share with my daughter, who is 7 and a rabid fan of yours. She will be thrilled to add jewelry making to the long list of things Miss Ursula is the most awesome at.

Annnd all gone.. just like that!

Dang they sell out fast...

You need to change the name of your store from "RedWombatStudio" to "No Items Listed at This Time".


And because it has sold, and the page can no longer edited, we will never know that the * was meant to connote regarding the obsidian-edged whitehead remover. *saddened*

Click on the (At this point) "13 Sales" in blue on the left hand side. It will show what has been sold, so at least we can look!

This is "The Cheese Shop" is what this is.

Demand should saturate at SOME point.

Probably. If not, enjoy the Nobel prize in Economics.

Raise your prices. I have yet to see one in it's "unsold" state, so I can't give advice as to how much to raise them. But definitely raise them.

+2. Setting prices is hard, and you're probably always going to feel like you're charging too much. But if things are going this fast, you're not charging enough.

Russ has a story about being at the LA Worldcon back in 1996, and setting up his dealer table across from some Russian guys who had 3 big suitcases full of amber. Real Baltic amber. He happened to overhear someone asking about the prices -- and when they had gone, he went over to the Russians and said, "You need to be charging AT LEAST three times that much. Five times would be better. But if you don't at least triple your prices, you'll be sold out by the end of the day tomorrow."

The Russians were dubious. They had no idea what the amber market in the States is like; they had just pooled their money to buy a bunch of amber, in the hopes that it would bring them in enough to cover their expenses for the trip. But they did raise their prices considerably -- and they still sold out, down to the last strand and chunk, by the end of Saturday. Russ says that one of the Russians was looking at the suitcase which had been stuffed with amber and was now stuffed with cash (because of course they couldn't take credit cards) and saying, "I have never seen so much money in my ENTIRE LIFE."

Well then, the early bird definitely gets the worm on these!

I think this means it was another wildly successful creative endeavor!

Edited at 2016-07-20 03:36 am (UTC)

Could you post a foto maybe? So that we all can see, what we missed?

Nevermind. I found out where to click to see the sold items.

got super lucky! saw the tweet within minutes and snagged a heron

Could you go into your process for making these, please? I'm curious about the materials and the method you're using for drawing the image on the pendant. Seems like it could be a good way to make gifts! Of course coming up with my own designs, not stealing someone else's. That would be wrong.

Oh, absolutely! This seems like a good topic for another post, though. I'd need photos, and I'm actually out of supplies at the moment (waiting on a delivery) but once they arrive, I'll do a process post.

coloring aluminum tag edges

I am using this as an easy place to reply to the Twitter feed, where I have no account. For the dog tag edges, I would like to suggest Sharpies, good for all your quick and dirty color matching needs. And if you're anything like me, you already have at least two dozen different colors in your house. (I mostly use them on paper and textiles, but a quick cat food can test confirmed compatibility with aluminum)

Re: coloring aluminum tag edges

Oh, wow, hadn't even thought of that!

Wonderful, I'll look forward to it!

Ok, I'm going to just leave the tab open and hit refresh a lot. Like old-school Comic Con ticket-style.

I am highly in favor of more spork pendants! The world needs more ancient pictogram sporks!

The rate these sell out at and the obvious demand exceeding supply makes me think these might be better suited to ebay auctions (where demand raises the price, and more than just the lucky few who see the announcement quickly enough get a chance to purchase) rather than an etsy shop.

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