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Journal 7-25-16

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Falls in love with the big eyed quail.

Me too! I needed something that adorable and innocent.

Somewhere I've got a button that says, "There's not a bead that I don't need!" Which, strictly speaking, isn't true -- but it comes closer than one might expect.

You can add large-hole beads to your pendants by stringing them onto both cords after you've attached the pendant. Ceramic pony beads work well for this; look for a color that harmonizes with your pendants. If you're using premade cords, string the pony bead first, then make the lark's-head thru the pendant and pull the loop down over the bead so that the bead sits on top of it.

the quail that I feed arent as cute as yours..

This year I played it safe and only planted Early Girl tomatoes. No blight and very few bugs so far. (I don't spray unless I absolutely have to, so it's a bit of a bug-eat-bug world.) The downside is kinda obvious, though - all I've got are Early Girl tomatoes.

The beans are finally starting to come in, and I'm doing much the same thing. "What are you?

Poor hot little hen. Tell her that sticking her feet in cold water in a bucket is almost as good as a lake. Okay: not; but it is better than no bucket of cold water.

Also - that little quail? Suckers Grampas out of their savings, she does.

I know, right?? About the beads. My girlfriend had no success getting me into beading until she brought me to a bead shop and then I was just lost. SO SHINY.

Ooh, is "Summer in Orcus" the one with the girl with the overprotective mother who meets Baba Yaga and gets a weasel and goes on a quest? I was wondering what happened to that one!

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