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Journal 7-26-16

Sampson is a sweetheart.

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(Deleted comment)
Looks to me like a cribbage board… Oh, now I see them! Very nice.

(Icon: thinking of Ekaterin, who's "good with esthetics".)

Considering how long we have hangover anxiety dreams about school long after we're done, I'd say you'd need till about eternity to get over deadlines in general.

(Though I am a teacher and haven't had an I-overslept or I-can't-control-the-crazy-kids-and-it's-gone-mad dream in over a month. Damn, probably jinxed it.)

New design in bottom pic is really cool.

I'm still getting anxiety dreams about high school and I graduated TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO.

So...sorry about the deadline paranoia.

That is a lovely kingfisher !

Aww poor sunflower, chicken looks very sad and surprised.

You probably get asked this a lot, and I apologize for not archive-delving to find the answer:

Your margin notes: Hot and humid, swallowtale butterflies, month of heat... Weather, something you saw today, and... almanac-y sort of description? Maybe? I am not sure what they are/mean/stand for. How do those get picked?

Loyal minion knows part of this - look up the Jacobin or French Revolutionary calendar, the month and day names are what she's using, and they're pretty neat!

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