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(no subject)

O brilliant bird people! Do any of you know what the heck this is?


It was a sort of olive-drab color on top, a bit smaller than a robin. It was doing the my-wing-hurts dance, and one of its feet didn't seem to be doing too well either--it could hop, and by means of mad fluttering, get a little lift from branch to branch, but it was obviously not going to be flying.

I felt bad for it, but since I wasn't going to go clambering up a tree to catch it, not wanting a broken appendage myself, it presumably has by now met the fate that nature generally metes out to small birds with injured wings.

My attempts to identify it in a bird book have been largely foiled by the vast number of small brownish birds with white breasts, so I'm appealing to y'all's brilliance.

Oh, also, new art!


I don't know what it means, or why it's there, but it's acrylic 24 x 24 on canvas. I'm chalking it up to "Ursula's brain occasionally does these things..." and calling it good.

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Hard to tell from the pic, if it was large-ish I'd say likely a thrush looking but if it was smaller than a robin then possibly a warbler (I can't get too specific as the US has different specific birds, but general types are the same the world over). For small brown birds the beak is often the key - warblers have longish sharp beaks, tits have shortish sharp beaks and various finches have snub beaks.

Probably a Hermit Thrush, judging by the spotting and where the spots are and the tail shape. It'd be easier to tell by the face as some similar species have various different bands and colors around the eyes and head.

Bearded donkeycorn rocks my planet. XD

The jester-like colours and bits of the unicorn's outfit are really cool - especially paired with the monk-like hood. I also really like that it has a nose ring!

Aw, what a cute bird, and I know how you feel about not being able to help it. I once found a little sparrow with a broken leg - I managed to catch it in my jacket and carry it around for a while, but then it got away and prompty flipped on its back. Weirdest thing I ever saw a sparrow do. I wasn't able to catch it again, so I had to leave it to its own devices.

The art looks good, I especially like the unicorn's nose. I feel like the fabric, especially around the head, could use a little more work though.

Well I have no idea on the bird, hopefully one of the other folks can chime in with the Answer :)

I do like the painting too, but, gasp! I have a minor snivel...

The center of the image, where my eye landed first, is filled with... concrete. Nice texture and all, but the image is unbalanced (no golden triangle/rectangle whatever the dad gum thing is called :).

Having part of the lovely unicorn's ear and shoulder missing makes me want to lift up the image and peek behind it, as if the missing bits were folded underneath.

If this was a book cover and you needed lots of room for text, that's a different game entirely, I know, but as a stand alone painting, it leaves me listing to port and wanting more of the unicorn :-)


My only issue is with the red cardinal and jewelry...the cardinal wants to be a bluebird to me, a nice, vivid blue to compliment the vivid orangey colour of the horn and piercings (I know why that is, too--it's because the background is a muted set of orange and blue, so the foreground wants to be a more vivid and saturated form of the same set. The red kinda breaks the set somehow). Other than that, I gots no compaints. Hell, I want to hang that on my wall...if only I had the money to do so. :-(


I'm afraid I don't have the color training you do, so the cardinal's bright red didn't rattle my cage as much as the visual balance did.

The cardinal's mask covers his eyes just like the cowl covers the unicorn's eyes, so there is some sort of allegorical symmetry there perhaps...

A blue cardinal would be interesting to see, someone with Photoshop chops could likely make that happen actually, it would be interesting to see how that looked after reading your notes above.

Interesting obeservation, thanks!


PS: Ursula, I still love the pic, please don't take any of these comments too seriously...

Hmm, I think you're right about the layout. I have a feeling it's because it's a dead square, not a rectangle--I hardly ever work in squares, and the Ursula mode of composition (squish it around until it looks right) is perhaps not attuned to it. Gotta do more squares and get the brain in gear!

And then triangles. And then circles. And then the world is my dodecahedron!

Fledglings often do odd & clumsy looking things getting used to their wings.
That mad fluttering usually means "Feed me, mommy"
And their coloring is sometimes way off from what the bird book says.

Looks like what we call a "lijster"
They eat insects and are very good singers.

Well, looking at the beak, since there is no yellow, I'd say it was an adult.

Looking at the color, with the muted markings, I'd say it was a female.

The fact that it was able to stay just out of your reach will doing the "Oh GODS I'm DYING!" dance, makes me think it's a mother, trying to keep something (you, perhaps) away from her nest.


Of, course, I could be wrong, and it could just be something that got nailed by a car... no idea about the breed though.

You have enough animals with hoods to make another gallery!

Hooded Jester Unicorn = ROCK. :D Thanks for sharin'!

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