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Coloring Pages on Etsy!

Aaaaaah! People asked for coloring book pages, so I gave it a try! You can get them on Etsy and download them. I have no idea if I'm doing this right! AAAAAHHH!


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Nice linework. These should do great as coloring pages, I think.

Just one thing: for coloring pages, omit the black fills. Let people decide on their own what color they want there.

Ah, gotcha! Hadn't even thought of that with the eyeballs and whatnot.

Eye pupils are good! But the rest can be safely left uncolored - who knows what psychedelic schemes people will come up with?

Coming to think of it, that includes eye pupils too. ;)

P.S. I had sent you a PM a bit ago concerning Dragonbreath, on behalf of an associate. Can you please look at it when you have a second?

I would so love to see a coloring book for each of your characters...

You've got five sales already. I'd say you're doing fine!

Just keep dancing and don't look down.

They look wonderful! Rribbit!

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