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Journal 7-31-16

We have been providing what amounts to hospice care for Emily the cat for so long that this isn't a huge traumatic event--we've been expecting this every time she's had a flare up since 2014. If this is the final one, then we'll be sad, but I think we've gotten most of the mourning out of the way in advance. (And if she pulls off yet another miracle, we won't even be surprised, either.)

And yes, for those following along at home, this is the third trip to the emergency vet in the last few weeks. But it's always different pets, so that's something, I guess?

ETA: For those not on Twitter, last weekend was Gir the beagle, and a gaping head wound. We don't know how he did it. He was all "I GET TO GO IN THE CAR" and I was all "Buddy, I am looking at your skull' and he was all "CAR CAR CAR" so at least one of us was happy. He is healing up beautifully, though.

Incidentally, if you have the choice between the two, gaping head wound is SO MUCH CHEAPER than renal failure. Dear god.

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Best wishes for the best possible outcome for the kitty, whatever that ends up being this round.

I supplied regular subcutaneous fluids to a cat with renal failure for nearly two years too. I also thought I was done with mourning until it was The End and then I cried like a waterfall all over again. Love to all y'all.

Sending all good thinks your way, that whatever the outcome, you know you did the right thing.

you have given that kitty a good life, and lets hope for a small miracle then..

Yes, I try to acknowledge the little deaths as well as successes. I'm glad to see you do, too. I hope that things end smoothly for your cat, regardless of when. And I'm glad Gir was ok with his vet visit last week.

Sending Good Thoughts to all of you.

as someone who's done this dance for many a creature in our care, thank you for taking care of the beings in your life
and Gir is a turd LOL
beagles are dorks

I remember we were talking about this last year when I had dinner with you and Kevin. Our Keke was already well past the vet's best guess at an expiration date. We just lost her about two weeks ago now. They can be amazingly resistant, I often think even more so when they have humans that are willing to spoil them so much. I know we've received much comfort knowing how well loved our cats have always been; I offer the same to you, regardless of outcome. I know how much you've loved and spoiled her and I suspect she does as well.

Good luck. *sends e-hugs*

I'm so sorry. You've really been through the wringer. Sending hugs if you want them.

*offers tea*

My Magical Mister Mistoffelees crashed so fast with renal failure I didn't have the time or the money for hospice care. Sometimes being a single mom means having to make the hard choices. Mad Emily is loved by EVERYONE, and we will all raise a glass/cup/mug/stein/flagon to her, no matter the outcome.

I am in that awkward holding pattern where you can't quite get on with life, but life needs getting on with anyhow.

I have been in this holding pattern before, and hadn't really managed to summarize it quite so neatly. Thank you.

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