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New Pendants on Etsy Tonight!

Tonight! Posting this in advance so people can be ready, because they've been selling too fast!

...and also to show off this sweet product photo which is totally the best one I've ever taken.

Etsy Shop

ETA:....and they're gone again. *flail* There will be another round later in the week! Thank you all!

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But, but... when tonight? Pendants sell out in like half an hour, and the husband isn't home yet so I can have him modify his check-a-website-for-updates code (useful when you want to buy something that sells out really fast, like cheap computer chips or PAX badges) for your etsy page. Guess I'm gonna have to do this the old fashioned way, sitting with your etsy page open hitting refresh a lot =P

They're going up now but people are buying them so I don't know ahhhhh I didn't plan for this is there a way to delay the postings I'm scared hold me

I got one I got one! My constant refreshing of the page (and plan to wait for a round hummingbird, which was what I really wanted) paid off! Yay!

I know the etsy page says you don't do commissions of these, but can I make perhaps a suggestion for a future pendent, and hope I am quick and lucky enough to get it should it ever be made? Phalloi pendant. I have a friend that would be the best present for ever.

Less than an hour and they're gone! I'll try again.

I sat there refreshing the page every couple minutes while she was posting them - any given pendent didn't last more than 10 minutes once it was posted, and at least one was both posted and purchased between my hitting refresh.

Eek! Guess I'll wait. I'll bet someone is buying them and reselling at a higher price.

It might be pendant scalpers, but I think for the most part it really is just that Ursula has a huge fanbase and demand is far exceeding supply. I can't imagine I was the only one hitting refresh until a piece I really liked came up.

She does have the fan base, and we are all waiting!

And eventually the demand will slack off a bit as the people who really want pendants all nab one. OTOH, that's also when people like me will get into the act, and some people will want more than one.

On the gripping hand, if she's only posting a dozen at a time, it's going to take QUITE A WHILE for the demand to start slowing down!

I can only make like a dozen at a time, though! I swear it's not an attempt to create scarcity!

Oh, I get that! Even if you weren't doing anything else at all (and I know you always have other irons in the fire), doing the same thing over and over again takes both physical time and mental effort; you can only do so much of it at once before you need to take a break.

As a suggestion, on a different facet of the topic... you've said very firmly that you are not going to get into the area of doing commissions on these, and I can't blame you. But I think it might be worthwhile to consider some expansion of subject matter. I would be all over a hyena or wombat or Shadow pendant in this style, whether it was a one-of-a-kind or not. And new designs would help keep you from getting tired of doing the same stuff over and over again, too.

And eventually the demand will slack off a bit as the people who really want pendants all nab one.

Alternately, she has somehow discovered an example of an exception to the rule that demand eventually saturates, and she will be able to add a Nobel Prize in Economics to her "Wait, I won THIS?" shelf of awards.

I admit, that seems less likely; I suspect somewhere between the $50 and $500 price points, demand-production will meet supply-production. Contrariwise, it seems incautious to underestimate the potential of her weirdness magnet.

Would it be possible to like, commission a pendant? Because tbh, a hyena or wombat pendant would make my year.

Your work is great. That kingfisher necklace was fabulous and so the lucky buyer is now lucky *and* fabulous..

....Gah. Got sucked into a tech support call and I don't even know when this happened.

out of curiosity, how much are/were these pendants? Any information about the prices is not available when the items are sitting in the sold section and I have yet to see any in the unsold state.

This batch seemed to be in the $28-$32 dollar range, at least the ones I saw before they were bought. Not sure if that'll stay the same in the future, or if Ursula will take the economists' advice and raise prices to reflect the demand.

Jeez yeah. $50 for a handcrafted one-of like this, starting price. Money flows TO the artist.

It's flowing, it's flowing! It's just...I mean...they're two inches long! Abstract chickens! Fifty bucks seems excessive?

I was expecting around $50 and was pleasantly surprised. It certainly doesn't strike me as excessive.

Not really. I've seen pendants sell at craft fairs for $100+ for a similar size and design. You are Very Kind to your fans.

Thanks. That sounds like a decent price, Of course it may not stay at those prices. I my need to consider how much my budget could take before I make any serious attempts at buying one.

I left a review for my goose pendant. Not that you need any help encouraging folks to buy...

I saw your review earlier today, very entertaining :)

Thank you...I had that wonderful product description to try and live up to.

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