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Journal 8-02-16

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Emily will give Bastet a run for the money.

( and I was just rereading Castle Hangnail last night, and would you consider the Emperors Squid as a pendant?)

Sounds like Emily is making her choice...

Yeah, that's what I find myself thinking, too.

Thank you for this comment. Some part of me is still grieving over the loss of my dog over five years ago, and it never occurred to me to frame it as her choice to go. Thinking of it that way makes it a lot easier.


I've often thought that I never regretted, after a while, letting an animal go when they were ready, but I have regretted holding on to them too long. I try to be aware, now. I'm sure your dog was grateful for release.


Agreed. I held on two days longer than I should have for my last cat, and while she passed away on her own, she didn't need those last two days. It's a painful choice, but a necessary one sometimes.

*hugs* No luck with crunchy-on-outside-gooey-on-inside treats, then? *sends very cautious e-ear-scritchies to kitty*

Seems like Em had a good run but now is ready to go. I hope you are with her at the end. Poor baby cat. It never gets easier.

My sympathies to you.

Indeed, can't ask for more.

I hope it's easy for her, when the time comes.

I understand how it feels regarding Emily. Nicco our floof cat reached the end after a long fight with hyperthyroidism. You have my sympathies.

Hugs. Been through similar with a beloved dog.

Sounds as if you already know this, but: You've done right by Emily, and apparently so have your vets, and whatever happens, there need be no guilt about it.

Hugs if you want 'em.

Emily had a good life with you. Can't ask for more than that. *hugs*

Many hugs to you and Kevin. And many gentle ear scritches to Emily.

And now I'm crying again. It's been a bad few weeks for animal companions around here, I'm sorry to hear it's not just us.

So sorry to hear about your kitty! :(

So sorry to hear about Emily... we had a similar experience years ago with our Mr. Brutus... it's still hard, even when they're basically telling you that it's time for them to go...


*** HUGS*** to all who need them!

It is such a terrible, wonderful, loving heartbreak to give them that last peace and help them let go when they can't go on. Peace and comfort to your family.

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