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So we talked to our vet, who looked at the lab numbers and said "Euthanize."

We sadly made the appointment, went to the ER vet...and the vet came out and said "She's eating."

We said "...what?"

She's eating. She's walking. She has gained weight since admittance. Her lab numbers are the numbers of a cat who died some time ago, but her kidneys are doing SOMETHING.

"Treat the patient in front of you," said the ER vet. "She's not dying. Somehow. If she were mine, I'd take her home."

She may get a week or a year, but she is not acting like a dying cat.

If she wants to live that bad, she gets another try.

I feel so much for you and Emily right now. My family and I are going through the same painful process with our cat, Sofie, who has a terminal heart defect that she outlived by 6 years that has turned into pulmonary hypertension that has eaten her lungs, and she's going to be dead any time now (and really already should) and she is visibly, so visibly, winding down day by day to the end....but she's still eating and walking around and wants to play, and is willful enough about it that it's not quite time yet. it might be soon, but not yet.

I hope our furbabies have more happy times in them yet.

Huzzah for stubborn cats!

My parents' cat has done that twice now. Still alive, three years later.

I'm so pleased. Go, kitty.

That is one cat that is too stubborn to quit. Emily may you hang in there for as long as you wish.

Given previous reports of Emily's activities, I'm not sure that she is to stubborn to quit, I think she probably just doesn't know how to.

at this rate, she's gonna be the one putting y'all in a retirement home, rather than the other way around. go go, tenacious old lady cat. ♥

oh thank goodness

Edited at 2016-08-03 11:58 pm (UTC)

Good news! Not her time yet.

I'm very glad to see that Emily is staying with you at least a little while longer! We recently had to euthanize a cat who had kidney disease, although that wasn't what finally took her out. Our vet said that she survived the last year on stubbornness and a desire to keep being spoiled by us. She had ample tortie-tude and was doing her best to train us to cater to her every whim.

I just hugged both cats that were nearby.

Polly ran away as soon as I let go of her, while Leo looked confused as to why I was showing him affection without giving him food.

Much love to you and the tenacious kitty!