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Miracles, Ended

It seems that Emily's last rally was just to get herself back home. She had a good night, curled up on the bed with us and being hand-fed treats. She passed away this afternoon, grumpy to the end.

The world was never entirely to her liking, but the same can be said of plenty of humans. The emotional roller-coaster of the last few days has probably taken years off my life, but I'm glad she got to come home.

*hug* I'm sorry for your loss, but glad she got to spend her last moments at home with her people.

I'm sorry for your loss. It is never easy to make that call, but your situation was especially hard. It was good of you to treat her with the slavish devotion deference she insisted on, right to the end.

She was a warrior. She picked a good home.

I'm glad she got to come home. I'm sorry for your loss.

she wanted things done on her own terms and with her peoples.
*virtual hugs from afar*
I am sorry for your loss

I'm sorry for your loss. You did all you could to give her a good life, and a good ending to it.

It's never "easy" but I feel like it takes a little of the pressure off when they choose their own time. I'm sorry for your loss.

You are a good keeper of cats, and I grieve with you.

I'm very sorry for your loss. Glad she had a good last night with you.

I went through this myself last week. At least she was happily at home, feeling safe and loved.

I'm very sorry to hear that, but it sounds like she went out on her own terms and amidst love.

My sympathies on your loss. I'm glad she got to die on her own terms.

Your sorrow is shared

I'm sorry that you have to live in an Emily-less world. I'm glad that the last hours you had together were, in fact, together.

I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope it brings comfort knowing she died loved and at home. May she find the next world, should there be one, more to her satisfaction.

*hugs* I'm glad she got to come home, too. Such a Catly cat.

I am glad she got to pass on her own terms, and that you can let go now -- MANY HUGS!!!