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Life Goes On

Well, I have many edits to do that were on hold and I'm behind on my hamsters, so...obviously I worked on something totally different. Because that's how I roll.

New Coloring Book Page Set up on Etsy! It's Frog Tribe!

Now, edits. And also hamsters.

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Maybe if you do enough coloring book pages you can just publish a coloring book.

Back in the day my friends and I called doing something to avoid doing something else "flicking". What you're engaged in is *advanced* flicking: doing one kind of work to avoid another kind of work. :)

Biting Pear sighting!

LJ private messages don't do links, so I skipped on down here.

If you wondered where your Biting Pear's been at, look no further. 8^D The story is that the My Little Pony fansite Equestria Daily is having it's fun 30 day drawing challenge, and on day five the prompt was "Draw a pony in apparel/Draw a pony in peril". Pirill's peril was pears biting Applejack.

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