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Pendants on Etsy Tonight!

9:30 EST! They've been selling as soon as I put them up, so...err...good luck! And if you miss this round, there will be another later, with some extra...err...wall jewelry? (Whatever you call it when I sell tiny originals like this, only on a thing you hang on the wall, not a string.)

ETA: And...gone. There will be more! I just...err...need to make more...

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YAS got the flamingo which is perfect because they are my faves \o/


(Deleted comment)
Ooooh, neat beads with that Heron... When you're done, are the green beads stone (and if so which one), or clay/other material?

I...think...they're a semiprecious? I dunno, I have this big strand and they feel sort of hefty, so I don't think they're clay.

At a guess, the green beads are aventurine. That's the commonest stone in that shade of green. It's hard to tell for sure in the picture. though -- they could also be something like dyed magnesite, but the green you get in that is usually more like Hot Lime, not a nice nature-green.

I got my cooking pendant this week and I love it! Trying to talk myself out of another one...

But you can't wear the same pendant all the time, right?? You need several, so you can switch them out during the week...

*beams at you* 8)

Oh my, I actually got one!

I am unreasonably excited for my frog tag.

I wish Etsy still listed all sales and not just reviewed sales, because I'd love to see the ones I've missed out on.

I think it does! If you click "62 Sales" at the top, doesn't it show them all?

It should. I don't know if you can click on the descriptions, but you can definitely see the thumbnails.

Scroll down to view descriptions, which are awesome. FROG TAG!

It doesn't on mobile - I shall check using my computer when I get the chance though!

Heh, I have to look at your past sales just to see the pendants, they're gone by the time I get online. Pretty!

Awww... I would love some wall jewelry to go with my Exclamatory Chicken and Vivid Frog, but I am in Europe so I always miss updates!

Gorgeous stuff. :)

Was pleased that Loud Eddy was the last pendant available when I went out to see what I had missed. I promise to be kind to him. I was planning to hang him on the wall even before I heard your newest brilliant idea. He doesn't deserve to be hidden in a drawer just because he's a bit loud.

I firmly endorse your small wall art idea. I only have wall space left for small things. An Etsy shop I like, prattcreekart, does "Oil paint on archival gessoed birch plywood panel. Sides unpainted. Notch in back for hanging." in 4x4 and 5x5 sizes. (As well as others, but they are too big for me.) I have a weakness for the birds

tiny things you hang on the wall

I believe the term is "miniatures."

I call em 'wall jewelry' too. Or 'window jewelry' if they're glittery or otherwise likely to do interesting things with light.

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