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Journal 8-07-16

Well, when I attempt to upload the image here, it says "Common Error" with a frowny face.

Let me tell you, if you wanted to make an error message utterly un-googlable, "Common Error" would be the best possible name.

You can see my journal over at Red Wombat Studio--more I cannot do!

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The only LJ reference I could find is this:
If you see "Common error" while uploading images, there was a problem with the Scrapbook service. Please refresh the page and try to upload the images again.

But when I try to view photos I've uploaded to LJ, it just hangs, which leads me to suspect LJ is having issues with their photo app (as the young folk call it these days), and it's not just you.

As for not getting stressed in anticipation of, or while travelling? I think at least part of it is a privilege some people experience, and not only an innate character trait. (I always approach border control with some anxiety because, well, I am often a minority traveller, and I'm of nervous disposition normally. No disasters so far. Fingers crossed.)

Ah, but did you google it in Russian?

I've gotten to the point where, if I'm traveling with someone else, I can get away with a checklist and a clearly stated timeline that I move up by 10 minutes in the end.

However, when I traveled to Canada for work recently, I checked for the presence of my passport (including verifying the expiration date at: 2 weeks before leaving (when I found out I was going), the day before I left, the morning when I left, when I got to the parking lot of the airport, while I was in the security line, when I got to my gate, and when they called for boarding.

There are things that I no longer freak out about because They Have Happened, and I Survived. I've lost my wallet while on vacation and...I figured out where I lost it; got home, got it mailed to me. I now always travel with duplicates of near everything. I've even gotten the dates of my return trip COMPLETELY wrong, and discovered that a grown woman melting down into tears over the Delta travel line produces remarkable results -- especially when you are willing and capable of just throwing money and tears at the agent until they magically produce you a flight. I've gotten bounced from flights, rerouted to different cities and generally had any number of wrenches thrown in the works (domestically), and I no longer care. I have money; I have cell phones and a wallet; it'll be okay.

This generally carries over to English speaking international countries. Spanish and French speaking are doable but unnerving, and I've yet to be convinced I could survive, say, Thailand without losing my mind, but we're getting there. I think the key is to suffer through Something (that my anxiety paints as) Awful, and come out the other side.

I thought trying to google "J Mac apple" was bad. [Adding "variety" there got me a couple of hits about the fruit mixed in with all the computer related stuff.)

Have you tried hotlinking the image here? img src= and all that?

What does one do about blighted tomatoes? I've often wondered.

I sympathize copiously with the travel anxiety and would certainly take shots for it if there were any.


I want to be that calm person who just wanders across Europe with a rail pass and a backpack of clothes that can be packed for six weeks without wrinkling.

To be quite fair, I'm uncertain as to that being a thing which is seriously viable in the current day and age. Additionally, that set-up feels like a young person's game; I'd rather be sure of where my next meal is coming from, and where I'm intending to sleep that night. Planned breaks aren't a bad idea, either. There's nothing wrong with not being a butterfly; turtles get where they're going, too. And probably enjoy the trip just as much.

Besides, it's just common sense to arrive early and triple-check baggage and passport, these days. And having five backup plans isn't a bad idea, either.

Your current solutions (i.e. travel more and go with friends who are good at it) are good.

Personally I use Ativan, or Valium. They have helped me a lot.

Isn't arriving at an airport in the USA 3 hours early called "sensible", what with security lines?
One of several reasons I am boycotting the country I'm afraid, despite large numbers of perfectly nice inhabitants.

Oh, it's even worse than that. In the past year or so the TSA has been letting go of a large number of screening staff at major airports around the country. They were banking on an increase in the number of travelers that made use of PreCheck, the program that lets travelers submit to a security background check in exchange for certain conveniences at the security checkpoint - separate line, keeping shoes and jackets on, not having to pack laptops separately, etc... Most people didn't go for it though because a) there's an annual fee, b) the faster security lanes aren't available at all airports, and c) even if they are, you can still be "randomly" selected to have to go through regular security anyways.

So the TSA de-staffed in anticipation of greater numbers of travelers making use of the security option that didn't need as much staffing, and when that didn't pan out they were caught unprepared for the beginning of the summer travel season.

to pretend to be Canadian while traveling because I apologize instinctively and can dig a car out of deep snow, thereby qualifying for at least honorary protective status Wow. Pick a hockey team and add "a" to your syllables and you are stereotypically ready to roll!

ETA: in case the tone of voice didn't come through correctly, I'm happily making a joke, not slamming you for joking about Canadians.

Edited at 2016-08-08 10:45 pm (UTC)

My number one stress busting technique is to have *two* printouts of all important documents: One to keep in a plastic sleeve for when I need to show them (e.g., airline check-in) that I *know* is in my bag, and one in my pocket that I can take out every five minutes and check that I have the right time/date/airport (turning up at Pisa Airport to find that a) my phone reminder was set to British time and thus an hour late and b) my transfer from Gatwick was useless as I was flying into Luton was NOT MY BRIGHTEST MOMENT. [Caught plane. Paid for new transfer. No problem, just as AAARGH moment.])

This way, I *can* take my ticket out of my pocket without worrying that I lose it or crease it too much to be read by the scanner. It's reduced my anxiety tremendously for the price of a couple of printed pages.

when I was flying back from ethiopia, the plane was full of immigrants, each with her briefcase of paperwork that she would, at irregular intervals, open & look through to make sure everything was in order.
the ones who weren't compulsively checking? I'd bet at the minimum they spent an extra hour or two at their entry interview, and some possibly had the upcoming week (and all their plans for their new lives) derail spectacularly.

Common Error appears to be fixed

The Common Error issue seems to have been resolved during the night; there haven't been any reports in hours and I was just able to successfully upload a picture to my Scrapbook. If you normally add the image when you're composing your entry try uploading it directly at your scrapbook page.

The first time I was taking a plane trip by myself, I was so worried about not having my documents that I kept taking them out and looking at them and putting them back. I then left them at the airport on the first leg of a journey to Australia. Which is how I ended up talking my way into Australia with no documents, mostly, I am fairly sure, on the basis of looking too harmless and confused to be any kind of threat. I'm fairly sure they ony let me out of the airport because no one wanted to be responsible for me otherwise.

That is an interesting colour morph.

Just remember to breath! Have a good journey and try not to worry too much you'll set off the gerbils! (Seriously MI5 considered using gerbils to sniff out terrorists, because they can smell fear!)

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