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Someone wandering by my Etsy store at the moment might find things of interest, which have not yet been announced on Twitter.

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My first thought on seeing the hedgehog glyph was that it was an echidna, and I was super excited cause echidnas don't get near enough love. I mean, hedgehogs are nice too, but echidnas are awesome. Plus with the platypus glyph there as well you could have a matching set of monotremes.

ETA: Haha! I have claimed the "hedgehog"-but-really-it's-an-echidna-to-me wall art! Frabjous day!

...I don't suppose there's chance of a platypus wall art piece coming, to create my own monotreme diptych? I'd be willing to wait on the echidna piece I just got getting shipped if one did exist and I had a chance at snagging it, for combined shipping purposes.

Edited at 2016-08-09 12:13 am (UTC)

I will keep a platypus in mind, but as this is the last batch before traveling, I'd prefer to ship it out rather than have someone wait on it! I'm glad you got one, though!

Totally fair. I just figured I'd mention in case you had already made one/were planning on posting it soon.

going, going....
Have you ever timed how quick they sell?

If I announce it on Twitter, it averages about fifteen minutes. So I figured I'd do it here first, since LJ never seems to get a shot at it!

I... might have slipped and gotten another one.
It could have happened.
It might have been the platypus.


Thank you UV!

Moar kitty glyphs? I keep missing them all and I love that kitty glyph!

Thanks for giving us Untweeted a shot!

I actually got there in time for some, but not all; liked what was left but did not *love* any of them; and by the time I was done waffling, they were gone. Oops! But I really do appreciate your thinking of us LJers.

(Deleted comment)
DUDE! Make the pattern and I will STITCH IT and send it to Ursula. Cross stitch totally rules!

There was a kitty there was a kitty I missed a kitty!


I might really like kitties.

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