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Journal 8-08-16

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Oh my gosh, troll with bird! Is this a Thing That Has Already Been Sold? :/

I fear that it is indeed!

I hope that wasnt gas station sushi...

Coincidentally, I was just mentioning the "devil is beating his wife" idiom to someone a few days ago. They'd never heard it. I'm pretty sure I read it in a story somewhere a long time ago.

I hadn't heard the "foxes having a wedding" expression before. So, that's something I learned today!

In the Netherlands, it's 'carnival in Hell'.

In the local dialect it is called "Holy Mary watering her flowers" or at least that's what I remember my mother calling it

My mom calls the rain/sun combo "the devil's daughter is getting married."

I finally got a copy of Castle Hangnail and stayed up way too late to read it in one go last night. I loved all the bits and pieces of Gearworld and your gardening, (and Kevin) that I recognized from reading you here.

In Russia, the rain with the sun shining is "blind rain". Because it's blinded by the sun.

I adore your trolls! I love how you've re-imagined something dark and, frankly, less than attractive, into something with character, mannerisms, and language.

Yep, I remember that term for raining while the sun is out. I don't remember if it's strictly a NC thing, though.

Speaking of NC, I haven't listened to commercial radio in several years now. Is the end of the world a local thing or am I missing a news event about yet something else that's going to end us all?

I love how you have art journal qualities to your post. I remember awhile back you were talking about the program you were testing. Do you just freestyle these post in your favorite art program? or are there templates or specific program involved? I'm curious about the process. Do you use a touch screen/wacom tablet? Mac or PC or Tablet? Thanks! I love reading your posts and your books!

Hmmm looks like some of my questions are answered here?

"I like Painter7, a Wacom Intuos 2 4 x 5 tablet, and occasionally Photoshop for layout and printing."

Is this still correct?

Huh. I only ever heard the term 'sunshowers' for those.

Boring but true.

I tend to view such weather as Rainbow hunting time!

In southern Germany I remember my landlady, Frau Baur, translating what she had said as "The Devil's making butter."

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