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Travel Journal Day 1

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The hotels in France and Spain didn't have screens either. I don't know if the continent just has fewer annoying insects or if there are other ways of dealing with them that Americans don't use, but it was weird. I didn't notice annoying insects from leaving the windows open, but I was so giddy about being in Europe at all that I probably wouldn't have.

Is that a branch of our McDonald's or an Irish restaurant? I recall the company suing a restaurant in Scotland which had been called that for a century or so IIRC - don't know how that ended. I do know when I was in Milan there seemed to be a McDonald's every few blocks and when I was in Sweden this spring there were a lot of them there too *sigh*


I think the golden arches above the door are the giveaway.

Yes, Maccy Ds are one of the many US cultural imports. You'll find them all over the UK and Ireland, and spread over much of the rest of Europe too.

Insect screens are not a British habit, in spite of how annoying it can be trying to sleep with a fly buzzing around the room.

My husband and I spent a summer in Cambridge, England, and there were no screens on the windows there, either; I think it's not the default in Britain, the way it is here.

Nowhere in the British Isles (which encompass both the UK and Ireland) has screens on the windows; as far as I'm aware, nowhere in Europe does. I certainly never saw them till I came to the US. Which I had read about them, of course, and understood the purpose* - but nope, we don't do that back home, no sir.

*which did not stop me walking smack into a friend's screen door, when the actual y'know door was standing wide and it was dark out there and I just didn't see the screen

I walked into our screen door, at a good clip, just last week, also because it was dark. My nose was Not Happy! Luckily the screen survived intact.

Is it simply that there are too few annoying gnats/flies/bugs in the British Isles for screens to be at all useful, or is it that there are not enough to make them necessary and so there is not a habit of using them and it would be weird to do so?

I'd go for the too 'few end' of that. If there are too many, we'll drop their population with fly paper or bug zappers, but for the most part, the annoying insects have pretty much stopped coming inside.

That's not to say that there aren't some places out in the country where horse flies may be an issue at the wrong time. But as a country lad, I can say there was no time when I was a lad any of those came indoors.

Much of the US was malaria country in early times. In the UK only the southern fringes ever did (and that just vivax).

The fens of East Anglia were hotbeds of malaria in the day, such that the locals, in order to counteract it, consumed about a quarter of the country's total imports of opium, and as Thomas Hope mentioned in a diary, if you ordered a pint in a Norfolk pub you had to put your hand over it to stop the landlord dropping the customary lump of opium in it.

Screens are definitely a North American thing. I think you have a lot more night-flying and bitey bugs, and also your windows are designed to use screens. They're not part of the British way of life.

Screens are also an Australian thing. I grew up with them in Adelaide.

They are rarely seen in New Zealand, although there are times when they would be useful, however most windows in NZ swing open rather than slide up/down which would require screens to be fitted inside the window, which just ain't happening!

Since moving to all LED lighting the few moths that used to bother us at night just don't come into the house any more - win-win with less electricity and no moths!

Now that's interesting - LED lights don't attract moths? That's well worth noting. I get a fair few moths in my bedroom at night, perhaps I should change the bulbs to all- LED!

The last time I saw someone walk into a screen door, he had no excuse, other than being stumbling drunk. Fell right through the thing, ripping the screen right out of the frame and putting a hole in it.

I can't imagine opening the windows without screens. The insects and spiders we have around here... *shudder* I can deal with them outside, but I don't want them inside!

Being stumbling drunk is always an excuse. Always.

Oh, yes, being drunk is clearly why he did it. But outside of that there would be no excuses. It was full daylight. The screen was a darker screen, not one of those made to be almost invisible. The screen door was a few inches open, so it was extremely obvious that it was there. He's an American, born and raised, so he's used to screen doors. He'd spent about half his social hours at this house for at least five years. He was so drunk he still did it. XD

Irish, I said cheerfully. The Irish call the Irish language 'Irish' when speaking English, even though the Irish word for it is 'gaeilge'. :)

Yes! I was coming here to say the same thing. Best way to annoy an Irish speaker is to call it Gaelic...

Noted and apologized! Wikipedia has done me wrong.

Where was the first most historic McDonald's you've ever seen?

I'm glad the chicken went along.

Ireland is beautiful

Last time there we were in Dublin, city center (across the street from Christchurch). Though the flat we let in London both times had no screens and we weren't bothered by bugs.

I hope Dublin wins the 2019 worldcon, we'll be there if we can.

BTW, I always recommend looking at vacation apartment rentals, it's cheaper than hotel rooms, you can get stuff and fix your own breakfast or dinner, which saves dough too. You have to take care of yourself, but whatever. (no room service, no daily bed making, whatever).

Glad you have a fabulous time. Next time we go we want to get out into the countryside.

Whoops. Marked as spam. Let's try this again without the dot com.

I checked VRBO and it had way cheaper options than I expected, and they were no less convenient than a hotel (more so in many cases). I'm definitely using it if I go.

Okay, I have to ask -- what's the most historic McDonalds you've ever seen?

I'm wondering the same thing.

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