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The Hugos Thing

Disclaimer: This is how I feel about a weird and complicated situation. Other people can feel very differently and not be wrong, nor are they under any compulsion to feel the way I do.

So the Hugo awards were given out a few days ago, generally awesomely, and the long-list came out immediately after, as it does, and once again, it appears that I would have made the ballot if not for the weird ballot-stuffing hijinks that have been going on for a couple years.

And honestly, I wouldn't have said anything, but a couple people have expressed their sympathy, very cautiously, and it occurred to me that maybe I should say something to forestall concerns, because people may think it's a sore bit.

So--no, really, I'm cool.

1) I was in Ireland having the time of my life. I glanced at the results to see if...well, okay, to see if Chuck Tingle had won, I'll be honest, and saw links and clicked and said "oh, look, Wooden Feathers...uh, let's see, math, so if...ah. Well, goddammit."

And I waved it at Kevin, who looked at it, and uttered some variation on "Goddammit."

And then we went back to being in Ireland and having the time of our lives, because Ireland.

2) Naomi Kritzer's story rocked and her win was absolutely well-deserved.

3) Look, the shiny rocket ship is shiny and the big plastic cube full of planets is shiny (and also sets off airport security like WHOA) but that's not the real prize. It's awesome, but it's the symbol, not the prize. You could go buy a trophy if you really want something else to dust.

The real prize on any literary award is that a bunch of readers and writers thought your stuff deserved to stand with the best stuff of the year. And I totally got that. Wooden Feathers got the votes of a whole bunch of people who thought it deserved recognition. I feel the love! And the love, for me, is the important bit at this point, because:

4) I've still already got one. The buff still doesn't stack. I'm already fairly well known in my weird little field. It won't impact my career the way it might somebody else's. Other people definitely have the right to be upset, but for me, it seems a bit churlish to demand more.

And, of course, the really important one...

5) I'm 39. My first major sale was a little over nine years ago. In writing terms, I'm still so wet behind the ears that I can sustain a breeding population of newts in my scalp.

And I've already written a bunch of stuff. I have readers whom I love and am grateful for, and who have somehow not run screaming into the night yet. I will very likely keep writing until my hands go or my mind goes or I am killed in a freak gardening accident, and if the gods of words are kind, I will write a great many stories between now and then. And some will rock and some will suck and a couple will probably be profoundly baffling, and maybe a couple will even be great.

So, y'know. To those future stories, whatever they may be.


beyond hope you aren't killed in a gardening accident. My father, whose garden was at least a half mile from their house (It's near a creek, why should I put it near the house?)

Worth noting: two Hugo reform amendments were ratified at Worldcon this year, which make slate voting a bit less effective and add an additional finalist in each category. If this year's Hugos had been run under the new rules, there would have been, on average, 1½ extra non-slate nominations per category. There are a couple other amendments up for ratification next year. Worldcon is, by design, slow to change their rules, and reluctant to make major changes, but people are working on fixing the problem.

I'm glad they're slow and careful. Kneejerk reactions often have unforeseen consequences. The changes are clearly needed and they may not entirely remove the impact of unethical persons (we all know who I'm talking about), but they will make it harder for those persons to achieve their goals..

Do you know if there's going to be another Long List anthology this year? I got last year's through the kickstarter and really enjoyed it.

Wow. You are definitely a class act. Keep it up.

Yes, she is!

It's true that some future stories may rock and some of them may suck, but I'll keep right on reading them because I love surprises. Newts and all.

I have to admit that I skipped this year because I just could not bring myself to go through another ballot of anger. I did make nominations tho, and I nominated both yours and Naomi's work. Don't ask me which story I'd have put first on the ballot, because I honestly don't know. They were both fine works.

I look forward to (and will have to start booking hotel room for) Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, in great part because the nominations should lack this foolishness.

'A breeding population of newts in my scalp'... this. THIS is why you are so wonderful. Long may your quirkaciousness and glorious talent with words and images continue!

Hear hear!

Long live the chicken!

In writing terms, I'm still so wet behind the ears that I can sustain a breeding population of newts in my scalp.

I love this phrase.

saving for analysis (Anonymous) Expand
You are awesome and I totally am rooting for your mantel to be cluttered with awards, so many that you could attack bands of ninjas breaking into your house with them if necessary. 8)

Regency ninjas, even. XD


Really, nothing else needs be said. :-)

I'm a regular listener to KUEC and I don't think there is anything you could say that would cause me to run screaming into the night. Not kissing sea anemones, nor iridescent foot fungus, have driven me off yet.

Your tribe has found you, and we won't desert you.

And you did win the Mythopoeic Children's Fantasy award this year for Castle Hangnail. Just sayin'. :)

"I've still already got one. The buff still doesn't stack."

Truly you speak the language of our people! X3
Also, 3 is true. It's the love, maaaan! We feel yours and you feel ours and it's great! :D