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Journal 8-27-16

Other weirdness--they wrote their insult on a print-out of an author website with my bibliography. On both sides of the paper. Because...uh...I guess they needed to fit in Jackalope Wives and a couple of Digger volumes on the back for...maximum...offensiveness...?

For those of a curious bent, the crushing insult delivered with such care was "Your photo broke my computer, ugh!" Alas, they did not include a return address, allowing me to reply with the "I'm rubber, you're glue" response that I believe is traditional in such cases.

(Really, I'm mostly just impressed they spent stamp money on it. But the postmark was from Portland, OR, and I would certainly expect any hate mail from Portland to be small-batch, artisanal, and presumably free-range and hormone-free as well.)

On the bright side, my turmeric really is kicking butt. I wedged it under the fig. I just hope it overwinters. I've read reports of it being too tropical to survive less than 65 degrees, and others of it overwintering outside in 7b, so we'll find out, I guess.

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I live a bit north of you, and I can assure you that both thyme and oregano do just fine at zero degrees. Though I'm not sure that my garden is all that natural sometimes. I have a camilia that survived the zero degree snap and another one right next to it that died at 35 degrees.

I'm picturing your small-batch, artisanal trolling being lovingly handcrafted by a guy who looks like a cross between the unibomber and a neo-slacker wannabe surfer who is alternately eating a pot brownie and writing the next word with tongue-in-teeth concentration.

*munch* *chew* *chew* *squeezes eyes shut in concentration* *writes the word "ugly"* *throws down pen and acts triumphantly exhausted*

I haven't found a hearty enough thyme variety. They've all died by the end of their first Fall, even in my relatively mild climate.

I highly doubt the troll was intending to amuse us all as much as they did. I now imagine them jumping up and down, red in the face, and throwing their pencil across the room. "No! No! NO! They're not supposed to laugh!" XD

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