UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Upcoming Web Serial

So hey, guys, I'm gonna be releasing a web serial next month, and let's chat about how you would like to read it!

Details to get out of the way--It will be called "Summer in Orcus" it is about 90K, it will be available in ebook format as one volume at the end for sale, and possibly as a physical book if I get off my butt or convince somebody else to make it. It is already done, it is currently being edited, and yes, if you want to throw money at me to support it on Patreon, we will add a Friends of Orcus option to the Patreon. (I'm, uh, kinda hoping people will, because I'm going to put this up for free online and leave it up for the foreseeable future, barring something like "Disney options the rights for meeellions and demands I take it down," which...seems unlikely.)

It is a weird story, as you might expect. It has my usual problem, where I write things in the voice of a children's book and then REALLY BAD STUFF GOES DOWN and people are like "What is wrong with you, this isn't a children's book?" and I'm all "Uh...this isn't horrible, is it?" and then my editor drinks and my agent puts her head in her hands.

So this is a wild experiment for me. Patreon sponsorship basically means that for people supporting at the $5 or above level, I will see if I can't send out a link for a free book download at the end, because obviously if you're backing it, you should get something! (And if we see a lot of traction, I will put up extra content on the blog between story chunks--worldbuilding tidbits, mostly, about the backstory of various weird critters in the world of Orcus.)

And if we see no traction at all and people hate it, I'm still gonna put it up, because by god, I have determined on this course of action! Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead!

Now I would like to put it out two days a week, adding up to around 5K a week, which means that I'll be able to finish it off in like...eighteen weeks or so. Which after Digger doesn't seem scary at all, but may be kinda long for many serials, but anyway, that's where we're headed.

My thought is that I will post it over at RedWombatStudio.com on its own little page, and just include a link over here when it goes live, so that people can discuss if they want, but can read without spoilers if they prefer. There will also be a big page that has links to all the story chunks in order, and a FAQ and whatnot.

So! Questions for you, O my internet! Do you like Monday and Friday? Tuesday and Thursday, like Digger was? Would you really prefer M-W-F and want me to break it into three chapters a week? Do you hate reading on the computer and would like it available as an e-book download every month if at all possible?

Anything you loathe in a serial? Anything you saw done really well and were hopeful for? Please let me know below--I'm actively soliciting feedback on this one, I've never done this with words before, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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