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(no subject)

The conversation wandered around to it today, and it occurred to me--did I ever tell you guys about the time I got investigated as a threat to National Security?

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<grabs a chair in the front row> Not yet.

I don't recall hearing about that. OH DO TELL US AUNTIE URSULA.
(Okay, that was wrong. Anyway.)
Not-so-strangely, I can imagine that. A roaring president's FEEEEEEEEAR at the sight of political satire and oddly-colored frogs, initiated!

ooh! Tell us! Tell us! Please!! :)

I don't think you've told us yet... you were planning to, right?

ooh, the wind-up to an interesting story. do tell!!
*pops popcorn*


*plops down like a child, clutching a plushie*

[Alopex] Excellent teaser! You have our attention! Please - more details.

1. You should be proud.
2. Can't wait to hear it. *begs*

Moxy Fruvous moment

"Now, some of you might be wondering how I came to be living in Canada, after being royalty in Spain! Should I tell them, guys?" "Tell us, king!"

Re: Moxy Fruvous moment

"Out of my royal garden, and into the Gas Plant I creep!"


You were photographing some place for game art. Somebody reported you because they thought you were planning on bombing the place etc.

If it's this one then yes. If it's another one.. respect for the rebel.

Re: Photographing

Never mind, too late.

*grin* Well, you can skip it, then.

No, Ms. Vernon, you never have, but we have your file right here... ;)

I was going to respond, but it appears someone else beat me to it. :) It's in your LJ records somewhere, if someone had the time to go look it up (I don't, I just - like as I was typing this - got the call that my game (City of Heros) is in and I want to pick it up before work (which is in an hour and a half and it takes an hour to drive to the mall)).

On the subject, because it amuses me, my boyfriend's family (who lives in San Diego) got a nasty-note from National Security last summer.
See, they had this old car. OLD OLD car. On its last legs old. So they decide to donate it to some sort of police auction for tax benefits or something. The car gets sold. A few months later they get their nasty note saying that their car was picked up for smuggling in illegal immigrants across the border from Mexico. Apparently the ownership of the car hadn't transfered over by the point the driver got caught. o.o

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