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Journal 9-1-16

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Those sketches are lovely.

Hermine, be gone!

I love those dogs.

I rather want Hermine to come visit, as we're desperately dry here, and could use the rain.

Wish we could have sent some of the seven inches we got yesterday!

Me too! The weather report initially said rain today, but it's progressed to maybe-tonight and probably tomorrow. My vegetable garden would like a nice rainstorm. So would all the trees around here, to judge by how brown they're looking.

Holding up a to-do list like a cross against a vampire sounds like a much better strategy than my pacing in small circles, chanting whatamImissing whatamImissing whatamImissing.

I hope the worst of the storm misses you.

It looks as though someone's taken your story about the tomato thief to heart:

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