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Journal 9-5-16

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I'm sad I didn't get over to the Book Festival to say hi, but I was pretty wiped by Sunday. Ah DragonCon... Also, I was too lazy to get out of costume to go out into the real world. I hope you had fun!

The text at the top of the top image says "air like strnog tea".

If you don't feel like changing it, you could tell people that strnog (Cyrillic: стрног) is a peculiar Russian tea that was the signature blend of Ivan Fyodorovich Strnog, containing oolong, keemun, and tibeti teas, with added lemongrass and oil of bergamot. Strnog and his tea played a small but important role during the Russo-Japanese war . . . (and so on and so forth)

(Actually, it also looks like it could be read as "stmog". Stmog tea, of course, is a completely different blend -- lapsang souchou with peppercorns and chili, created by Californian artisan tea blender and martial artist Victoria Boadicea Kopfstoss....)

No, No it is clearly St Mog's tea, a subtle Welsh blend of herbs, invented by a certain Benedictine month, who when he was not tending to the sick also solved the odd mystery or two.

Muphry's Law strikes again! and now I want to hear the story of how a calendrical period joined a monastic order. I'm having trouble deciding whether it would be an episode of Lesser-Known Saints or an segment on The Hidden Almanac.

I love the sketch of Hound, so adorable!

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