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Journal 9-9-12-16

The emus are very tame. They are also incredibly dumb and think they are being sneaky. They found Kevin very interesting.

The pigs in question are Ossabaw Island Hogs, which are a very rare farm breed. My friends are breeding them as part of the ongoing effort to preserve them on farms. They are incredibly funky and weird and awesome pigs.

Domestic boars have what's called "shield fat" which is a hefty layer of fat over the shoulders that becomes rock hard. It's literally armor against the tusks of other males. Fox's boar is named Giles (her two sows are Buffy & Willow--apparently they had a Spike, but the ladies picked Giles) and this was one of his offspring who was just getting old enough to become troublesome. He was starting to develop the shield fat layer, and you could feel the difference. It is very weird to encounter something that looks like it should be squooshy fat and have it be like tough leather. In an adult boar, that layer would be inches thick!

Also, I now know more about how pig rectums fit into a pig than I knew previously. I shall cherish this knowledge.

I shall, at another time, post the tale of the star-crossed lovers, Napoleon the silky rooster and the Turkey Girl. It is an epic and stupid love for the ages.

I have about a thousand photos of chickens to sort through, and I regret nothing.

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Tag this post. You are inspired, amused, and smiling. Remember this in the dark months.

Can't wait to hear about Napolean and Turkey Girl! This sounds EPIC!!

Emus really are very, very stupid birds. They are the birds the phrase "bird brain" was invented for. Even the wild, untamed emu is dumb.

Also, I was dragged up on a farm. I saw a lot about animal guts. It's a shame the pig breeds Dad raised (berkshire, saddleback, tamworth, landrace, and large white) are rapidly heading for extinction, replaced by the generic white bacon pigs you see nowdays.

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Believe it or not, they raise Berkshire pigs in Japan; apparently they were brought over sometime in the 1800s and the Japanese were highly approving (especially since the only pig native there, the inoshishi, is a small wild boar and very fierce.) They raise them mostly in Kagoshima Prefecture and they call them 'kurobuta'; the meat's supposed to be some of the absolute best in the world, and I had some a few years ago-- it was amazing!

I wonder if emus can possibly be dumber than sheep. Some day I may have to visit Fox and Mbala and find out.

Have encountered both, Emu's make sheep look like geniuses by comparison. They're the level of dumb that makes you question evolution..right up until one kicks you and then you understand how they survived.

I was awaiting this post after the tweets. Oh those tweets. I needed that laugh so bad.

Hmm. Does the shield fat render out?

to develop the shield fat layer, and you could feel the difference

(pokes at own belly fat) now, that answers a big question...

I love these so much. Thank you. :)

My Aunt Sue back in the Florida Panhandle used to raise these humongous white turkeys as a welcome addition to her social security check and so forth after she was widowed; she buy them as these adorable yet gangly fluffy turkey-chicks, and they'd suddenly balloon into pompous, incredibly dumb white parade-floats made of turkey by Thanksgiving. She made a pretty penny off them, though-- they were free-range and much in demand. Gotta admit, I liked the wild ones that lived in the woods around my Grandmama's house MUCH better-- svelte, coppery birds, smart and sneaky-- even if they *did* fly into pine trees when startled.

Man, that looks more like chickens and a waffle! That's a lot of chicken!

Was there a turkey there named Bob?

I love the outraged chicken in the first entry. HOW VERY DARE YOU, KEVIN.

I love the wildlife observations: "fursuiters milling about" made me chuckle; "all the chickens" made me laugh.

For more chicken awesomeness, if you have not seen the trailer for Moana, you need to see this Ursula!

It's all about the chicken...


Okay I live in the Twin Cities and I swear I only ever hear about major cons and not small ones.

I hope you enjoyed your stay! The weather has been beautiful.

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