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Summer in Orcus Chapter One...

...is now live!

Read it here!

Still trying to work out how to RSS feed it gracefully, but I at least got the website to auto-post it, which was trickier than I expected, given that it's in a portfolio, not a post. (Now I get to duplicate that...uh...thirty-four times! Woo?)

(Incidentally, I think there will be 34 chapters.)

Each post is supposed to run around 2500 words, but there's a fair amount of fluctuation, just because I didn't want to break some things off in mid-sentence. So there's a few short ones and a few reeeeeally long ones. But I suppose we'll make do.

Once we get rolling and into Orcus proper, if there's something you'd like to hear more about, the comments here are an excellent place to suggest them! I'm gonna try to do little supplements on Sundays with background and worldbuilding, (since a lot of people wanted something to read on the weekends!) but it always helps to hear what people want to know more about! That sort of supplements are another thing I can do much more easily with a web-serial, so yay patrons for helping it happen!

I'm excited!

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I had a mother exactly like Summer's, and it took me a long time to realize that it wasn't LOVE that made her do the things she did. I wish Baba Yaga had come to save me!

Actually, I guess Robert Heinlein DID come to save me, because my mother wasn't sophisticated enough to realize that BOOKS could be dangerous, and Stranger in a Strange Land opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities and taught me to question Received Wisdom. :-)

From a formerly overprotected little girl, thanks for this story. I can already tell that it's going to Speak to me.

Oh, this was lovely. I can't wait for Thursday!

...does Summer's mother know my mother? Because while my mother never questioned the work ethic or education of the people who maintain the machinery at carnivals, we still weren't allowed to go on one because the entire thing could come loose at any moment and fall down and kill everyone inside...

I have fond memories of playing Baba Yaga in a play years ago in Jr. High.

Wonderful writing, as always. Looking forward to the next installments!

Me, after having read the first chapter several times: *refresh* is it Thursday yet? *refresh* is it Thursday yet? *refresh* ...

Squee. This is awesome, of course. ^_^

I love The House.
I WANT one! Chicken legs, skull faucet and all!

aaaaa, yes I've been WANTING this story for so long! My mom wasn't much like Summer's, but that line 'I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE FERRIS WHEEL' is one I often quote to myself when my anxiety gets quite bad about things that I have to do anyway.

Can't wait for Thursday!

I've been waiting so long for more of this. YAAAY! {kermitflail}

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Four hour airport deeja delay today. I was very about to get cranky, but then I saw this post and did a histor happy dance.

Equanimity restored!

All the sympathy for your airport delay!

I do love a good Baba Yaga story!

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