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Summer in Orcus Chapter Two!

Read it here!

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My constant refreshing the page last night has lead me to discover it updates at 11pm Pacific Daylight Time. I am now desperately eager for it to be next Tuesday (well, next Monday night) and the next chapter to be up.

The scenes with Summer's mom crying hit a little close to home.

Woooo! New chapter!!!

Nothing can possibly go wrong with going into the witch's house. ^_^

*flails around eeeeeehappy*

Oh yay. Today was pretty stressful, and it's lovely to get to read this as a wind down before bed.

Will you tell us when the RSS feed is working, [Unknown LJ tag]?

I haven't figured out how to break out a separate feed yet, but you can follow the RedWombat blog at


which includes links to updates!

It came up on my Feedly page that way. :-)

This is just wonderful!

...books are one of the least safe things in the world.

I love it. Possibly enough to get a tattoo of it. ;-)

I've decided on a plan to read this serial since I'm impatient. My plan is to not read it until there are at least six episodes.

As you can see my plan has failed miserably. But never fear I shall come up with another one! *hauls out the whiteboard and the planning 101 addendum B workbook* I shall return triumphant!

Or I'll just keep rereading the first two episodes until the next one comes out, whichever comes first.


This is SO GOOD. And when I was a kid (and still, really) I had the same major wish as Summer does, to be able to change shapes. When I was small I wanted to be able to turn into a goat and climb on things and butt Danny Strickland, the little boy next door; when I got a bit older I wanted to be able to turn into a mermaid and freak out the Snowbirds who went out on the crowded tourist sightseeing boats by swimming by and flipping water at them with my tail. When I hit puberty, I dreamed about going outside and turning into a great big Florida panther-- I'd jump up on a neighborhood car and the shocks would groan, and all the dogs in the neighborhood would bark like crazy. And when I got older, I decided that I wanted to go to Time Square and turn into a gigantic hot-pink elephant on live TV ('let's see them dismiss THAT as a hallucination,' I'd think.)

Chapter Two made me think about heart's desires, though; and honestly, I haven't a clue what mine is-- it changes so many times, how could I ever figure it out? It might be to find the perfect husband/wife one minute, and the next might be to have my parents back alive or to win the lottery and be able to travel for the rest of my days or to speak every language or curse people to have to speak the truth in answer to every question they were asked..... Maybe you have to be a kid to have a firmly fixed heart's desire; adults have too many guilts and Yes-Buts to do it right.

In any case, I'm going to be following this and, I suspect, thoroughly enjoying it; and I'm very glad my parents weren't like Summer's mother, even though being a little more careful on my part probably would've saved me some grief.

Im loving this story and I cant wait for the next section.

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