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Sea of Silliness Coloring Pages

I made another downloadable coloring book page set for sale on Etsy! They're...fish.

Some of the fish are so tiny it fills me with rage. I say this as their creator. Nevertheless, I am told that many coloring people like teeny tiny fiddly tiny things. I hope that they will like these fish. Fortunately there are also mola mola and whale sharks and oarfish and entirely ridiculous made-up things and whatnot.

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If I were inclined to get text as tattoos (well, not-equation text as tattoos; does Euler's Identity really count as text?), "I make poor life choices in pursuit of puns sometimes," from the fish painting description, would be very, very tempting.

M.C. Escher would be proud!

That was pretty much my reaction.

I picked a smallish roughy newt off my walkway the other night and move it ... I think you would have found it very exciting for its size..

I love the newts and dopey looking angler fish.

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