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Summer in Orcus Chapter Three

Is live! Read it now!

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PLEASE illustrate one of those stained glass windows!

Seconding fatfred! I'd especially like to see the saint and the joyous angel dancing after Summer passed by, but I'd like to see any or all of them.


Also religious chickens, and the image of the stained glass flipbook made me chuckle.

"very religious chickens." *chuckles*

Saved this as a treat for myself after a dentist appointment.

Appointment went two hours ... "Complications," he said... "Unexpected things happened that he didn't like." he said...

I didn't say much except "ouch," faintly, as the anesthetic wore off around 1.5 hours.

Ever so very glad I saved this as a treat. It was wonderful (and doesn't need any chewing!).


What a sanguine kid -- but aren't they all, I suppose!

I am unreasonably delighted with the last line of today's segment. Glee!

I hate serials!

I wish I had the willpower to resist reading this story until it's complete. But I don't. And the fact that it is very enjoyable so far only makes it less likely that I will be able to resist reading.

Eeeeeeee! And I think we're getting to and... and past? the point where long-ago previews left us! Eeee!

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