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Journal 9-27-16

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Steady as she goes.

Loving Summer in Orcus.

"Steady is good, steady gets the work done", could be the Hufflepuff motto. That, or something about war-badgers.

Either way... it makes a nice change. Everyone else's lives [and journals] seem to be full of Woe!Drama!Angst! etc...

I can live with someone else having a steady productive time of it as well.

One of the best moods to have is just plain feeling good.
Nothing beats it.

That's my pendant! I own that beautiful thing! (And wear it when I'm not at work, where it could very likely be damaged or lost or eaten by the metal detectors). I feel a kind of pride in the fact that it was one of the favourites =}

Long may the good continue.

Oh my goodness, the frog pendant was beautiful! Too bad it sold before I could get my hands on it. :(

If it's the breathe-right strips, have you considered a sleep study?

that is a beautiful pendant.


Any chance of getting a little frog pendant commissioned for my boyfriend? :3

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