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Chapter Four is Live!

Read it now!

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OMG, I was making dolphin-pitched squeaky noises as I was reading this. This was so so awesome!

Heee! I'm so glad you can do things like this, with the support of Patreon.

And, speaking as one of your Patreon supporters, I'm very glad you're making it available to everyone.

One of the really wonderful discoveries about my patrons was that they mostly didn't want exclusive stuff, they wanted to help make stuff everybody could enjoy. It was really nice.

I'm on your Patreon and this is very true. ^_^ Enabling good stuff to happen is where it's at.

Given the state of the world, assisting in spreading little bits of enjoyment seems like a really good idea. Helps ... if not *keep* the Balance, at least prevent the planet from disappearing into a singularity of suckitude.

I have been patreon-ing since almost the very beginning, buying you antacids, and I've boosted the amount to pay for Orcus because yay! Story! Story from Ursula! Story that I read the beginning of and loved! And now we've reached new parts, and it's awesome.

Also, if Patreon means that you will be able to write more of the things that don't quite fit into traditional publishing venues, without worrying about whether they will make enough money to justify the time and effort spent on them, I for one think that this is a glorious outcome and will happily keep contributing at this level forever. :P

Yup. I'm on Patreon, ll I want is for you to keep being UrsulaV, but louder and more in public.

The RSS feed still hasn't updated with Chapter 3 yet. (1 and 2 are there...)

Crud! Shall fix tonight.

Oo. I love those trees. And desert forest - I can smell the cottonwoods and the dust and the pines. Poor trees...

Pure magic!

*and another Patreon is very happy!

My semi-stream of consciousness thought process re: forest of pines

Bah, pines! People always say pine trees when really they mean firs or other evergreens; tall cathedral-like trees with needle carpet below? Doug firs, probably.

But then again, this is Ursula, she Knows Plants. She was from the pacific northwest as well, she knows about doug firs... Maybe it's one of those things where the character doesn't know enough about trees, and thinks conifer = pine? I mean, Summer is only 11...

OH! It's a *desert* forest! Oh yeah, those'll be pines then. I knew I could trust Ursula to do the plants right.

\Oregonian tree-nerd, who might be a little bitter about people in books describing pacific northwest rainforests as made up of pine trees, and now has a bit of a knee-jerk reaction anytime pines are mentioned

*grin* I was thinking Ponderosas, although I don't think they're usually the dominant tree--the forest is basically my memory of the woods up near the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.

(The magic trees are...oh, blast, of course I can't remember the name now. They've got a truly enormous one at Montezuma's Castle.)

Hmm, Arizona sycamore, mebbe?

I was wondering about those, since when I read "white bark that was scabbed and spotted, almost like a Holstein cow", my first thought was "so like a birch?", but that didn't fit in with the desert at all.

Summer has cargo pockets, I presume? I like them for the same exact reason.

...OH TREE! *sobs and hugs it too*

It's wonderful. I'm glad it updates twice a week because I don't know if I could contain myself if I had to wait longer.

Oh my. This is wonderful!

I hereby propose a Go Fund Me page for someone to create these trees, right NOW! :D

Well, as a keeper of (or slave to) five ferrets, you totally got me with the weasel. And then there was the Snarky Fleeing Saint, and the trees... Yeah, I'm hooked. Nabbed, addicted and mogadored (which sounds like a legal firm in Faery) and I shall read the whole thing. Thank you!

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