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There was a Black & Tan Coonhound with the rescue group we got Hound from and she was small and sedate and had sad eyes and Kevin melted (he is a cynical chocolate shell over a heart of purest marshmallow fluff) and we don't need another dog although his argument that the beagle is now more of a pooping area rug and does not count to the two dog limit does actually hold some merit.

(We are increasingly afraid that the beagle is undead. Someday he will go outside and crumble gently into ash.)

We got away houndless, but it was a near thing.

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Good luck figuring out what is best for your family. :)

Weren't you the one that said "don't get a hound"?

IIRC, coonhounds get *big*. Is a riding-hound something the household can support?

Nah, our redtick coonhound is only about 65 pounds, and this one was older and substantially smaller. I think the problem would be more whether Hound would be jealous of Other Hound.

But hounds are pack-dogs. Which doesn't guarantee any two will get along, but des ncrease the chaces.

Our two beagles have even assimilated my I-don't-snuggle husky-mix into their puppy-piles.

I am sorry you avoided the gorgeous coonhound. I have a soft spot for them. I'm sure she'll be adopted quickly, though.

Marshmallow hearts unite! That's how we went from two ferrets to five a couple months ago. #TeamNewHound

(he is a cynical chocolate shell over a heart of purest marshmallow fluff)

which is why my father got several of our pets, they werent being treated well by their original humans...


now if you were conniving, you'd add a picture of Black & Tan and the address of the rescue group ...

I am on Team Get The NewHound (and on Team Beagle Is Totally Undead)

You need to work on converting all of your friends into hound owners. Then you can have vicarious hound-ownership.

Also, has the undead hound seen sunlight recently? That might help with the sudden-ashes question.

I knew someone who had an extremely elderly, frail longhaired marmalade cat who spent his declining years---and the decline was long---seeking out warmth in the home. He eventually found that the horizontal vent at the front of the refrigerator blew warm air at the right intervals and temperature to keep him at the right temperature, and so he adopted that as his exclusive resting spot. Unfortunately, the refrigerator is not a low-traffic area, and when his owners wanted to get anything, they felt terrible about having to open the door and disturb him by making him get up, so they would reach down and slide him to one side carefully, open the fridge, then slide him back when they were done. Eventually they got a small doormat-size rug and put it in front of the vent. The cat was even happier, and when anyone needed to open the door, they would use their toe to gently swivel the rug, unconscious, drooling cat immobile on it, out of the way, step over the cat and rug, get what they wanted from the fridge, and with the same graceful sweep of the foot replace the old boy in front of the vent. He wouldn't twitch a whisker.

If it helps to convince you that you were in the right to leave houndless, the black and tan coonhound we owned when I was a small child would have made Gir look like a rocket scientist. And it wasn't the endearing kind of stupid.

*snicker snuffle snicker snicker* *makes noise like Muttley*

The fiance is not allowed to look at adoptable dogs, because we will end up with far more than we can handle. Edited to add: The fiance is all marshmallow fluff. Not even the pretense of a cynical chocolate shell. He's a complete and utter softie through and through.

We are at two dogs, and know that it's going to increase to three sometime in the next few years because Hudson will need to retire (my service dog), which will mean a successor will come into the house. (Well, I should say hopefully we will increase to three, because I know that some retired service dogs are unmanageable with a new service dog in the house because they cannot bear someone else doing their old job. I hope Hudson is not one of those, because it would really, deeply, terribly wound me to have to place him with someone else. Especially since my parents will not have him, and there isn't anyone else nearby that I would trust with him.)

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