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Journal 10-03-16

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That is really sweet! Hooray for turtle rescue! :D


Why did the turtle cross the road? To avoid political discussions.

Aw, yay for helpful turtle-crossing man, and for you, too!

Now that was a good neighbourly thing to do! I hope the turtle stayed safe, even after you left..

Turtle lovers is good people!

Good karma in keeping the turtle from being hit by a car. I hope that you are taking suitable precautions as it seems the hurricane is gonna be hitting your area in a few days.

It's ALWAYS the box turtles. Somehow the sliders and snappers and tortoises in my area make it across the roads by themselves, but the box turtles...god bless 'em, the little fellas always seem to need rescuing.

Go turtle go! My dad had a real fondness for turtles-- I don't know how many times we stopped on the way to go fishing for him to rescue one out of the middle of the road. <3 Good memories. That being said, watch out if you run across a snapper!

Turtles are great.
My late aunt was married to a rather dreadful man.
He didn't even realize he was cruel.
But among other things he had all the allergies so she couldn't have pets.
One day a turtle turned up in the yard, and he couldn't find a way for that to be a problem.
She fed it strawberries and love.

The previous owners of our house were real gardeners, rather than wannabes like me.
I mostly haven't killed what they left.
Except the poor maple tree.
I didn't know they were vulnerable to drought.
(How can the roses get by with no water, but a tree die?)
The guilt.
Anyway, they planted sweet woodruff as a ground cover.
It is actually sweet, and fairly attractive, and it clings to life when neglected, which for me is a big plus.
And apparently you can put it in May wine, if you are so inclined.

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