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Okay, I feel like work avoidance today, so here's the tale of three artists, a car, a camera, and a pair of St. Paul's finest.
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I think living in an old church would be the coolest thing ever. Or any building that was formally not a resident-type building. My boyfriend will soon be moving into an appartment with his brother that was once an old fire house. Wiiiild...

Never point a radar speed gun at military jets either...apparently runs at the same frequency as a missile lock. Things cops do for fun... and then learn they shouldn't have *L*

I'm not even sure how that's possible since cop radar works on ultrasound. It'd have to be a really clear day for sound waves produced by a handheld unit to be able to fool a jet's systems! Those must have been some really unlucky cops!

"Radar", by definition, works using radio waves (or you call it sonar).

Jets also are pretty dumb if they can be fooled with a radar speed trap thing.

That's true, but up until very recently we couldn't put true "Radar" into a space smaller than the size of a car. The cops' "Radar" guns really do work on sound waves.

A little while back, some cops decided to sue their city saying that they were experiencing a higer than normal rate of testicular cancer because of the radar guns. The courts ruled against them on the grounds that there was very little likelyhood that the sound-based technology could increase the chance of getting cancer.

I think it was the laser variety he was playing with, not the ultrasound variety. I know the ultrasound variety wouldn't be like a laser missile lock. The aircraft was also low, since it had just taken off (runway was near the training facility)... the guy learned how fast airport security was!

That's a load of crap.